Lonely Rock in the Night Sky

No matter how many times I shoot the moon, no matter how much the same they appear to be each and every time, I never get tired of doing so. I guess it is a way to marvel and capture the natural beauty that still remains natural, something not very common these days in the place I live in.

100% crop from original image.
Olympus E-5, ZD 50-200mm F2.8-3.5 mk1, shot at 200mm, F5.6, ISO200, Handheld

And everytime I use the 50-200mm to shoot the moon, I cannot help to admire its incredibly detailed image output. It was especially true tonight as the sky was completely clear.

Am I the only one who look to the sky at night?


  1. great shot with enough details that can be seen !

  2. you must have "three hands" to shoot handheld, Robin ;0)

  3. Eric,
    the shutter speed was rather high, about 1/400sec, hence there was not exactly a need for tripod.

  4. have not tried shooting the moon before... never really own a long tele... will see if there is a chance to own one in the near future

  5. Eric,
    To me a tele lens is a necessity. It was the next purchase after my first DSLR kit.

  6. This is the end of the road for Olympus (1.1 billion $ loss). We can only hope now that Fujifilm buys their camera division. Fujifilm will be all the rage when they release their revolutionary organic sensor in 2012.