A Day Out in Sekinchan

Weekend came, and it was an exciting one, because I was joining a group of friends to the far end of Selangor, a district called Sekinchan, which is famous mainly for two reasons: 1) the paddy field and 2) the fishing village. We started our journey from KL at early 7am in the morning, and attacked the paddy field before lunch. We had the fisherman’s village covered after lunch, and that wrapped our day full of shooting, catching up with friends, and lots of laughter. God knows how much I need such relaxation after consecutive weekends of wedding assignment one after another. I need to shoot just for myself, and myself only, and I felt like going far, far away from the city.

Sekinchan is a very peaceful place, and the folks there are very friendly. So far no one rejected us when we have their photographs taken, and they gave us the warmest welcome. This village area is completely void of tall buildings and it is nice to see the sky dominating the landscape wherever you turn to. The sky was extra dramatic earlier today, with clear blue with puffs of interesting cloud formation. The lighting grew harsher and harsher towards noon, and basically the landscape photos near then have become almost useless, due to the limited dynamic range on my 4/3’s system. Nonetheless, I captured what I could, and snapped away merrily without worrying too much about the image ouput and the technicalities of the camera. I was shooting for myself after all, and who cares if the photographs do not exactly come out “award winning”, right? I wanted to make sure I have fun, and plenty of fun I had with my friends.

the boy who greeted us at a coffee shop in Sekinchan. He followed me around so I snapped a photo of him.

Paddy field. Simply love it.

They do not exactly look very nice when you go too near to them.

Tried low angle shot. Did not work as well as I thought it would be.

oh yes I am still crazy about starburst effect on the sun.

The photograph is a little off balanced, but I do like the tension there.

The locals travel with the motorbike a lot.

Simply love Olympus outdoor colours.

Machines, machines.

A really great looking temple in the middle of the paddy field. Love the striking colours.

I know a lot of photographers hate perspective distortion, but seriously, I LOVE THEM.

not the best time to photograph the fishing village, due to harsh afternoon sun, rendering the shots too contrasty and lack of dynamic range.

You find boats everywhere in this town.

Folks in this town were so nice. They willingly let you have their photos taken.

Repairing the broken net.

The fishermen usually go out to the sea late evening, hence in the day time they rest and fix the net.

Sometimes, the 50mm F2 on E-5 produces images that are so sharp that they still give me goosebumps just by looking at them.

Cut hair on boat.

Should have brought along the lens hood to counter the flare issue.

An old lady, I like how the light touched her face.

PEN Lovers: Gerald, Simon, Alvin, Yap, Yeow, Me, Jeff, Mun Keat and Koon Yik.

I equipped myself with Olympus DSLR E-5, and brought three lenses along, the wide angle 11-22mm F2.8-3.5, which I shot primarily with, and also the 50mm F2 macro and 25mm F2.8 pancake lenses. Thank goodness for the wide angle lens, this really made a great difference in capturing landscape shots. There were plenty of greens and blues to play around in my photographs this time, and this is the area where Olympus colors truly shine. The colours come out very vivid and strong, and while remaining faithfully life-like. I purposely added saturation and boosted the contrast in my post-processing to add that “punch” in the photographs, which I know many purists or naturalists would not particularly like. Well, I like it that way, and I love my photographs to come out very “vibrant”. These are my own photographs, so please, allow me to present it the way I want them to be. Screw those rules and standards, they do not speak of me, and we should allow ourselves to decide what works for us, and what we wanted to accomplish in our photography work.

It has been quite a while since I last shot anything else but street, and truly it was refreshing to go out in a place far from the hectic city life, and breathe some fresh air, immersing myself into the great outdoors under the clear blue skies. I sweated like I have never sweated before, and I got sun burned at the end of the day, but who cares, right?

Have any of you been to Sekinchan and shoot around that lovely little town before? Do share your experience !!


  1. Nice to see you shoot outside urban areas. The first landscape shot with the large amount of sky works for me.

  2. Thanks Ananda !! There is of course, so much more than just KL here, but hey, I do not exactly have that much time to explore.

  3. Very nice photo. I like the wide angle look for landscape photo.

  4. Thanks Kelvin !!
    the 11-22mm wide angle lens is my favourite !! I use it a lot.

  5. Simply look the picture. Very vibrant colour

  6. Simply look the picture. Very vibrant colour

  7. Hi Robin. I like all your great pictures, especially those related to paddy field. Great masterpiece.

  8. Hi Robin. I love all your great pictures, especially those paddy field shots. You are a great photograher. Great work.

  9. Thanks Unknown for the kind compliments, appreciate it !!

  10. hi robin,your photos are very nice! How I can go there from KL? Are you using the new highway? Exit via sg.boluh?

  11. Hello anonymous,
    I would appreciate if you would leave a name (and preferably email address too) the next time you comment.
    I was half asleep in the car and my friend was driving to Sekinchan. I have no idea how to get there but if I were to drive tehre on my own, I would use a GPS and do prior research through online Google map.

  12. Its great! Robin..

  13. Hi Robin,
    I am going to Sekinchan this Friday.
    Wish you Merry Christmas.
    John Ragai