Sudden Need for Shutter Therapy

After work today, I rushed down to the city to run some important errands and settle some urgent matters. In the midst of rush and time-chasing, I felt the sudden urge to whip out the PEN which I carry with me all the time these days, and started snapping away. After finishing up all the items I had in my to-do list, I looked at my watch, and there was enough time left for some shutter therapy action, before the sun went down. It was already approaching sunset, and the light was dying fast. Without wasting much time, I did what I could, no matter how brief the shooting session was, it was done at my own pace. And I enjoyed myself thoroughly. At the end of the walk, I felt, recharged and refreshed.

All images were taken with Olympus PEN E-PL1 and Pansonic Lumix 20mm F1.7 pancake lens.

Sunset sky


Lost in thoughts

Foreign objects


Whats wrong with getting your subject to smile for your camera? So what if it is not truly street photography? I still love it that way.



Hanging out

Blank stare

KL Tower

Two friends

Face in hands

touched by the golden sun

Alive amongst textiles




Arms and legs.

Lamp against dimming sky.

The photo-walk took longer than expected, and I walked further than I intended too. I could not help it, I got engrossed and every single time I click the shutter button it felt sooooooo good. Gosh, i think I must be on drugs.

Initially I was thinking to write a long entry, commenting on composition techniques, or some commonly used camera settings that I adopted for my photography style, which have been requested numerous times by my readers. After reviewing all the photographs, I felt a tinge of satisfaction, and through that contentment I have decided not to blog my usual lengthy writing and just, let the photographs speak for themselves.

I hope you guys enjoyed the photographs, as spontaneous and as unplanned as they could ever be. Sometimes, a little suddenness can add flavor and spice up our lives.


  1. Nice 16x9, like the story.

  2. Thanks Alf !! It is the flavor of the month.

  3. i like the "Two friends", how do you engage to them before u trigger ur button?

  4. Thanks dreamie,
    I did ask their permission first and they were already standing there. So I just shot from the side. The first shot they were looking directly at my camera, I dont like that, so I fired a second shot when they thought the shot was already taken, to get a more natural look.

  5. Nice series indeed Robin ;) May I know did you edit the photos? Cause some pics I took seems little dull. Need your guide. Thanks :)

  6. Hello Sebastian,
    All images were processed. I added saturation and contrast to the images

  7. Appreciate your reply Robin. I like the color of your pics, maybe you can teach us someday. Look forward for that ;)

  8. Hey Sebastian,
    Thanks. Will keep that in mind, perhaps I will blog about it in the future.

  9. wow ... yes, think i shld shoot twice or triple to get a more nature look and feel in the future, very good suggestion.

  10. give some tips to me for how u process ur photos ... i like the color too !

  11. Hey dreamie,
    Thanks, and I am glad you found the shooting tips helpful.
    About post processing, I did not do much, just boosted up the contrast and added saturation to make my photos look punchy and deep.

  12. These are the famous Olympus colours after all, right? I've got contrast on -1 on all my Olys from big to small. That's for me a good basis to anywhere in the postproduction. What's your basic setting?
    I need a shutter therapy, too, but I got sick and I'm only recovering slowly...
    A great series of photos as ever

  13. Hello Rolf,
    I set everything to default 0 in the camera, but in post processing I increased the contrast a lot.
    Oh dear, do get well soon !! Shutter therapy can wait, take care !!