Kay Tee & Kimberly

It was a long weekend which was much looked forward to, mainly because there were a few events lined up and anticipated for, and one of them being an Actual Day Wedding assignment, which I had the privilege to help out and shoot alongside a friend, Jason Lioh (the official photographer for the day). This particular assignment was more difficult than usual, mainly because interstate traveling was involved, and we had a really tight schedule. We took a bus down to Malacca on Friday night, stayed overnight and readied ourselves the following early Saturday morning by 6am. The Bride's house was in Malacca, and by noon we had to travel back to Kuala Lumpur to the Groom's house. Through all the hectic and rush, I did have plenty of fun, and this was one of the most expressive couples I have shot in a while, with plenty of laughters and emotion bursts throughout the day.

Since Jason Lioh commented that my previous entries were rather too length and become uncomfortable to read, well, lets keep this one simple and short. I shall just let the photographs to the talking instead.

All images were shot with Olympus DSLR E-5 and Zuiko Digital lenses: 11-22mm F2.8-3.5, 25mm F2.8 pancake and 50mm F2 macro.

Thanks Jason for having me shooting by your side. It was an absolute honor and I enjoyed myself thoroughly, despite the fact that this assignment was particularly exhausting (with the little sleep and much traveling involved). I appreciate the faith and trust you had in me, though I am still rather new in wedding photography. Special thanks to Kay Tee and Kim for giving us the opportunity to be your photographers of the day.

Now, I am itching for some shutter therapy session !!! Street shooting anyone?


  1. Hey Rick,
    Like wise !! If you do stop by Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, lemme know !!

  2. Great shooting once again. thoroughly enjoyed your photos.

  3. very good "decisive moment"! i like the human expression and the look and feel !

  4. Hi, again a nice series from you Robin. Enjoyed looking at the expressions you captured. Just want to know if the ISO settings were high for the indoor shots? the bride and her mom's hair look noisy. Hope you don't mind sharing some technical aspects of the shots. Thanks!

  5. hello calex,
    thanks for the compliments!!

    Hey dreamie,
    thanks!! E5's focusing speed was fast enough to nail down those spontaneous shots. Of course readying and timing are important too for decisive moments.

  6. hey anonymous,
    thanks. I think that shot was taken with iso640 with bounced flash. I pushed up the brightness a lot in post processing to give that dreamy look, which must have raised the noise in shadow region as well. The exif data is left intact for all my photos. I am replying on my mobile phone so i cant view the exif from here.