Hello Andy Pang

Had dinner with a few friends ealier this evening, which extended to a mamak teh tarik session.

All images in this entry were taken with Olympus PEN E-PL1 and Panasonic Lumix 20mm F1.7 pancake lens.

Andy Pang from Tawau, Sabah

PEN is the ID

Joy of poison

Trying out Pana-Leica 25mm F1.4

The table.

A serious looking Yeow


After working long hours in office on strenuous brain crushing analysis and design works, having a glass of ice-cold milk tea (less sugar of course) and chit-chatting away into the night was the closest thing to relaxation that I can ask for. Meeting new people and making friends with fellow photographer-enthusiast who share similar passion and love for Olympus PEN products, was a bonus. Hello Andy who travelled all the way from Sabah !! Glad to have you with us tonight.

Now I shall gather enough strength to face a few more days of work, before the long weekend hits.


  1. It's my pleasure too can meet you all guys finally. You guys are super cool...

  2. Thanks Andy !!
    Hope to have a chance to shoot with you too. Will see if we can make something happen with the gang this weekend.

  3. Beautiful punchy photo's .. love it!!

  4. Eh next time you all have one of these let me know mate. Would love to join you guys.

    You ok? Been missing in action for a few days mate

  5. Hey Luke,
    Sure thing, but those guys usually organize those gatherings at very last minute. Will grab you next time.
    What do you mean I am missing in action? Im still around no?

  6. Haha no la not posting up anything on the pen lovers page that's all lol...

  7. Oh there was nothing much to say I suppose. When I wanna say something I usually will say ahaha no worries. Sometimes I think I talk too much and when I quiet down a bit people think something is wrong !!

  8. "Former Olympus Corp CEO Michael Woodford said on Thursday he would not be surprised if there was "some criminality involved" in an accounting scandal at the company, as speculation persists of a link between dubious M&A deals and organized crime."


    I hope that this issue will become clear in the coming months, because I don't think anyone buying Olympus gear would like to fund criminal organizations.

  9. No worries mate. Lol.

  10. Bartosz,
    Even Michael himself did not make a full statement, he only "speculated". Why is everyone so quick to jump into negative conclusions? Am I the only optimistic person here?
    Seriously, all the negativity has to stop. Things are bad enough already.
    It is one thing about the cover up and financial fraud, but if you seriously sit down and think for a while, if they did not do what they did (though it was obviously crime), Olympus would have ceased to exist.
    Sometimes, people have to make sacrifices. Sometimes, the consequences can surface even a decade later.