An Afternoon Walk by Myself

It was a public holiday and I felt very lazy, not wanting to travel too far to the city center, and not wanting to stay still inside my room either. Hands were still itchy and not being fully satisfied with the few previous shutter therapy sessions. Hence, still wanting to play with the loaned Panasonic Lumix 20mm F1.7 pancake lens, I mounted it on the Olympus PEN E-PL1 and just started roaming around in a park very near to where I stay. It was in the afternoon, the sky was cloudy, with mild breeze, making it quite a comfortable walk.

Did I have anything specific to achieve in this session? Not exactly. Can you say that I was walking aimlessly? In a way, yes. However, I did want to snap some photos, to a certain extent, I want to see what this Panasonic 20mm pancake can do in good day light. Nonetheless, the laziness kicked in, and I was too engrossed with the slow and peaceful afternoon walk I did not exactly worked the camera out much. I did snap a photo there and here, but hey, sometimes, you just have to put down the camera, and smell the fresh air. Well, not that we get that much fresh air in Kuala Lumpur, but you get what I mean. Being trapped in the delusional world where everything is viewed through the viewfinder (or electronic live view on the LCD/OLED monitor) can be intoxicating and exhausting at the end of the day. So yeah, it has become a relaxing walk, a stroll along the park. With loads of thoughts flying around in my mind.

All images in this entry were taken with Olympus PEN E-PL1 and Panasonic Lumix 20mm F1.7 lens.

Red amongst the greens. Standing out is not easy. You allow people to attack you.

If I were to read his mind, I would love to find out why he would allow me to go sooooooooo close to him to snap this photo. Didn't mamma tell you not to trust strangers?

It was very windy, and the lonely leaf was blown in all directions mercilessly. I kinda feel like the little leaf now.

Sometimes, you think you are safe under some sort of cover and protection, then to realize that in fact you are vulnerable out in the open. Just like this tiny dude here.

Horse is symbol of freedom, strength and longevity. It is sad seeing them being tied up like that.

If the horse can speak, I guess the question I will ask would be "Are you happy?"

Like a speeding bullet, at the wrong place, it can be lethal.

What a better way to end an hour long soul-searching emo-walkathon than a cold sweet glass of Teh-Ais?

Hey my thoughts need food too. My favourite hawker food: Nasi Goreng Cendawan Ayam Kunyit.

I foresee busy times ahead. Time to brace myself, and prepare for the stormy weather.

Now a question here: Should I be praying for a shelter from the rain, or instead for the rain to wash me away clean?


  1. It seems the days of Olympus camera division are numbered (shares are still falling). I wonder how this recent turmoil will end..?

  2. bartosz,
    lets be more optimistic and have good faith that things will turn out good.

  3. Hi Robin,
    Yes the actual Olympus compagny has been caught in a very deep turmoil that will probably turn up as a complete rebirth of the entreprise. But they have already the history, the knowledge and the dedicated personal that is essential in doing it in a very short time. And it is a real business opportunity for the japanese financial community to grab an open market (digital photography) that will clearly expand in China the next ten years. I think that the Olympus name will stay a very strong trademark in the photo business on a long term... and they have a good base of customers who share the love of their alternative products. So we can hope enjoying Olympus cameras and lenses for more many years.
    Daniel M from Montreal, CDN

  4. Dear Robin,
    I just want to add after having look your nice and inventive last pictures that you must appreciated working with your E-PL1!!!
    Have a nice day.
    Daniel M from Montreal, CDN

  5. And lastly I have really appreciated your photo trek which is leaving me with this question in a real shutter therapy: Is inspiration came to photo or is it more a photo inspiration as a personal regard of our surrounding world...
    Thank you for all these beautiful reflexions about life.
    Daniel M from Montreal, CDN

  6. Hello Daniel,
    Thanks for commenting, and certainly, thanks so much for the kind words.
    indeed Olympus is suffering at the moment, it is interesting how one mistake can ruin everything, even if it is discovered many years later. I sincerely hope things will continue to go on for Olympus, and I do not want to see the brand go away. I have grown deeply connected to the brand and history of the products.

    I think its a little of both, we inspire ourselves to take photographs, but at the same time, our surroundings play an important part in shaping our vision.

    Thanks again for your constant support and kind comments. Appreciate it, Daniel !!

  7. Robin, I'm not sure if the problem with Olympus is only "one mistake". From what I have gathered millions of dollars were "leaking" out of the company for many, many years (we are talking about BILLIONS of dollars). I'm afraid it seems that Olympus might have been connected to the japanese crime underworld. We will see how it develops in coming weeks...

  8. Bartosz,
    If you truly follow the latest developments and revelations of the whole Olympus scandal, it has NOTHING to do with yakuza or underground criminals.
    The acquisition of company and ludicrous payout to an advisor were merely simple cover-ups for their heavy losses in the nineties. They were desperate, and it was ONE huge mistake which cost them dearly, even being discovered many, many years later.

  9. Bartosz,
    In times of confusion and chaos, it is easy to point fingers, make assumptions, fancy speculations of what has been, or what could have been, or what ifs.
    Seriously, I am sick of all the discussion there and here condemning this and that.
    All I am interested is what truly happened, and even now, more light has been shed on the real matters.
    Until I get the big picture, everything else that everyone is doing is purely adding up to the hype and drama, which we all can do much better without.
    I would spend less time worrying and more time shooting.

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