Warming Up to Petaling Street

Before I dive into this week's beautiful shutter therapy session, allow me to introduce something rather awesome, which I think many of you will like. My friend Ivan's band, Silent Scenery (click) has just released their official music video on Youtube. It is a music video for one of my favourite tracks in their new album, These Still Moments (OMG!!! I am looping the tracks on my PC and MP3 player now). The music video has "interesting" hints and traces of satirical underlying messages, do check it out and show some love guys !!!

Stop Motion and Fragments

To find out more about Silent Scenery, go to the following links:

About a month ago, Luke Ding has asked for a shutter therapy session with me on the streets, and I gladly agreed, but I had to delay the session due to extremely busy schedule I have had. There were so many things happening back then and finally, I have had some spare time for myself and this very glorious Sunday morning, I attacked Petaling Street together with Luke, who armed himself with an Olympus E-P3 and the deadly 45mm F1.8 that the entire world is getting crazy about, partly due to my fault for writing so shiningly about it in my earlier user-experience review blog.

Hey, it was not entirely my fault, even Steve Huff wrote beautiful things and sang praises for the 45mm lens in his own review.

All image in this entry were taken with Olympus DSLR E-5 and the Zuiko 25mm F2.8 pancake lens.

Luke shot me in action, while I was attacking the subject on the above photograph.

I have written several times before that Petaling Street is not my favourite hunting place for street photography, due to the fact that this is one of the main tourist attractions in KL, a hotspot for anyone visiting Malaysia. The people on the streets are being too used to having cameras pointing at them so many times before that somehow, they have that "one kind look" on their faces when you approach them for photographs. I guess you can't really blame them, having so many people shooting them all the time can be traumatizing. Yet, this place, more known as ChinaTown of Kuala Lumpur is also subjected to many local photographers who intend to do street photography. Not surprising, Luke and I found ourselves stumbling into so many other local photographers hoping to get their morning worms here in Petaling Street too.

This time, I have truly warmed up to Petaling Street. I am not too sure what happened, but I guess opportunities started to present themselves, or maybe I have finally opened my eyes to the people and the beautiful surrounding, I came home with loads and loads of photographs, I have to present my vertical shots side by side to save space, or else you will have too many photographs to load in this single blog entry. It is always good to have more than not having enough. Seriously, I am not sure what happened, but surely sometimes it is about luck as well, being at the right time and place can really make a whole world of difference in photography. Just spend more time out there, walk the streets, keep an open mind, getting myself ready, and one way or another, the photography opportunities will pop out, and I just snapped the morning away, filling up my memory card. Even Luke has got some really good shots himself.

Luke and his awesome E-P3 + 45mm

I have used only the 25mm F2.8 pancake for ALL my photographs in this shooting session. This was also the first time I have used the pancake lens seriously on the street. The previous shooting session was more like a trial and "getting a hang of it", which was not really the case since I did own the lens previously. Nonetheless, I have not shot any serious street photography with the 25mm pancake before, and I dare say this was my first time using it extensively, and exclusively for street photography. How did I find the lens? It was marvelous !! Of course I still love the 50mm F2 macro more (mainly for the delicious bokeh and longer reach) but the pancake opens up a whole different set of flexibility, I can do wide angle portraits and fit in a whole lot more subjects into a single frame. And composition wise it is a lot easier to execute with the pancake 25mm, due to its almost natural "what you see on viewfinder is what you get" coverage of the lens, which is really fantastic.

It has been an extremely productive weekend for me. I have been all over the places, meeting new people, making some awesome new friends, helped some friends with photo-shoots, attended live performance by Silent Scenery, bought new album and indulging myself silly in their new album, and finally, fulfilling a promise for a shutter therapy session with Luke. I enjoyed myself thoroughly. My week would not have been complete without this street photography session. I only hope Luke enjoyed it as much as I did.

It is time to brave myself for the coming week. Lots of things to look forward to.

Get the camera clicking guys !!!


  1. Wow! Another fantastic melody by Silent Scenery. I'm impressed!!!

    Today I was on my shutter therapy shooting fall colors by the lake. :) What's the weather like now in Malysia?

  2. Bartosz,
    Glad you like the music !! Do check out their website and facebook page !!
    There are only rain and hot sun throughout the year in Malaysia, we have no seasons. I miss autumn in Perth.

  3. Street life wonderful captured by your imagination and glorious skill.

  4. Aiya, I should have join you guy for this shooting. Anymore in the future? Great shot anyway.

  5. Hello Kelvin,
    I shoot every single weekend, unless I work overtime or have photography related assignment. Will let you know if anything crops out again.
    Thanks for the compliments !!

  6. http://www.techradar.com/news/photography-video-capture/cameras/japanese-pm-steps-into-olympus-scandal-1037714?src=rss&attr=all

    What do you make of this story, Rob?

  7. Hahaha Robin,

    Great morning session mate. I am still itching from it hahahahahha.

    Great shots you took bro and all from that lens cap of a lens lol.....kiddin....



  8. Bartosz,
    So far, all we know are speculatioons and assumptions. Let proper investigations and facts be brought forth, before jumping into any conclusions.

    Hey Luke,
    Thanks mate. Indeed the "lens cap" is a marvelous one !!
    Perhaps me shall make something happen this weekend. Lets see how things go. Monday is a public holiday eh?

  9. Yes this weekend is a must dude!

    Monday is public hols yo!

  10. Sure thing Luke. Probably grab Xavier and Kelvin too !!