KLPF (Kuala Lumpur Photography Festival) 2011

If you are in Kuala Lumpur this weekend, and you have not been to KLPF (Kuala Lumpur Photography Festival) 2011, do make a visit to Mid Valley Convention Center, it is happening right now, from Friday to Sunday (7th October 2011 to 10th October 2011). I have just got back from KLPF, and boy, it was one place full of camera porno-graphy !!! So many things are going on in there right now, and the highlights include the major camera manufacturers showcasing their latest products and technologies, some great promotions for gear and accessories (including bags, memories, flash equipments and tripods) as well as many photography talk and seminars going on at different stages all over the Mid Valley Convention Center. I went in with a group of friends whom I have known through the locally setup Olympus PEN Lovers.

I guess the main reason why I went was to molest some of the newest cameras that rolled out into the market recently, which I have not had my hands on. There are some very sexy cameras, and they were all gathered in one centralized area for everyone to play with. Free demo is available, and of course, like any other crazy photographers out there it was indeed a great opportunity to feast our lust for lenses and camera bodies. I spent a great deal of time fiddling with some of the newest cameras, especially the Sony A77, Sony NEX C3, and not to forget, the new offerings from Olympus PEN series such as the Lite E-PL3 and the Mini E-PM1. Everything looked extra sexy in the photography fair where possibly thousands of professional photographers and photography enthusiasts flooded the hall and drowned ourselves in our own saliva.

Nikon J1.
Too bad those are mock-up models only. The design is not half as bad as I thought they looked from the images I saw online. They actually looked not too bad.

For some foreseen reasons, the Nikon 1 system has received overwhelmingly negative response from online community everywhere in the world. It is scary how fast, and how extreme the reaction from the public can be. I wonder what will Nikon marketing do to salvage such negative perception towards the "1" system, even before any professional reviews were made available.

I personally would not jump into conclusions so quickly. Lets wait for more reviews, both from professional sites as well as user feedback.

Olympus PEN Mini E-PM1.
This pink version looks really sexy. It was so sexy I almost purchased one immediately.

Olympus PEN Lite E-PL3.

Sony NEX C3.
I am not sure if NEX-7 was out, I did not see any of them on display. I have to admit Sony's body design is really beautiful. They look sophisticated, and the appeal to geek and hit all the right buttons on the gadget freaks. Those babies can sell themselves by the looks alone.

OMG Gasp... its the Sony Alpha A77 !!!!
That is one bad-ass camera. Seriously. Holding it in my hands, the camera screamed real business, it is not just for the fun of it, it is made for professional use.

I think I have fallen in love with this A77. It just got everything right !! Its everything that any photographers would wish for, but lets just hope the image quality does not disappoint. I shall not comment further because I only had a very brief encounter with it.

Besides molesting the gear, I have been doing some light shopping as well. In my recent Bali Wedding shoot, there were some casualties: I destroyed one Sandisk Extreme SD 8GB class 10 card (ouch, but I managed to salvaged all the shots inside, THANK GOODNESS), and lost my al-cheapo omnibounce flash diffuser for my External Flash unit. Therefore, it was the perfect time and place to find replacements for the above two items. Considering the fragile nature of the SD card, I decided to purchase CF card instead, and I went for the Lexar Platinum II 16GB CF Card (priced at RM169, not exactly the fastest, but I am not shooting video anyway, and I rarely do continuous burst shooting) for my Olympus E-5, which accepts dual card slots, one for CF and one for SD. In addition to that, I purchased a cheap Class 4 8GB SD card (RM39 only !!) to be used in my E-PL1, which can be the backup for my E-5 if I need it to. It is about time I stock up on my memories, because the full day shooting (morning pre-wedding, afternoon Wedding Ceremony, night reception dinner, no pause in between) almost drained ALL my memories out in my Bali shoot.

Oh, and I managed to find a really, really cheap no-brand omnibounce flash diffuser for RM6 !! Dirt cheap, but the omnibounce works wonders for my shooting needs. I know many photographers these days have all sorts of weird futuristic alien technology tranformable looking flash diffusers, but I work my way with the traditional approach. Lastly, I found a really mini-sized tripod, small enough to fit into any camera bag, but tall enough for my shooting needs, and its sturdy enough to support my E-5 and some heavier lenses. I decided not to spend on this tripod, because I was in no hurry to buy one, but a dear friend Jack was insistent for me to buy one right there and then, hence he paid for the tripod for me in advance. Thanks buddy !! I have overspent my budget for this month, with the Bali trip expenses and all. Now I have a tripod that I can bring to anywhere I go, no excuse not to bring the tripod anymore !!

The big Canon, literally. *yawn. Ok, I have mentioned Canon. Don't say I am racist. Lets move on.

Fujifilm newer compacts. Why are they getting glossier and glossier?

Fujifilm X100.
There was actually the X10 for demo, but some freak was holding on to it for more than 15 minutes and I just could not bother waiting anymore.

This is probably the biggest sin anyone could have committed towards a camera. This is worse than murdering the camera. This is performing a sex change !!! Come on guys, a camera has got to be macho, and strong !!! This camera is so sissy and... and.. and..... wrong !!

Don't ask why, here in Malaysia whenever there is any gadget or gear related festivals, girls will pop out of nowhere, ready for any photographers to shoot them, promoting some random vendor's products. They do make the atmosphere more lively and fun, I admit.

A headshot. Perhaps.. I have shot her too close... should have stepped back a little.

A friend, Thian Jin (click to his blog here) bought a new flash diffuser, and tested it out on his Olympus PEN E-P3 and FL36R setup.

My delicious lunch: Portuguese Chicken with Rice.

It was a fun and fulfilling Saturday afternoon at KLPF, with some very great friends and photography kaki. If I have the chance, I might even drop by again tomorrow to see if there is any special clearance promotion going on the last day of the event. If you have not been there, what are you waiting for, go check out the most happening photography festival of the year in Malaysia !!


  1. lovely write up...sorry can't joint u all cos back to JB...but was there yesterday lunch time...and got burnt some $$$$...

  2. Thanks Simon.
    OMG what did you buy yesterday? 35-100mm F2? Or E-5? Or E-P3?

  3. Robin,

    Your comments on Nikon 1 mirrorless system was very kind. I couldn't bear even looking at it. Hahaha...... Just joking. The pink color & it's pop up flash looks a bit like Lego. Come on Nikon! Even the lens is in this hilarious pink color!

    I'll be going to KLPF tomorrow.

  4. Hello Xuenphotoz,
    LOL, normally I would not jump into conclusions that fast. Maybe it is not too bad after all.
    You are so cruel !!!! Lego OMG LOL.

  5. Hey Robin,

    That Alpha 77 looks sizeable.

    The Nikon 1 system is misunderstood by non Nikon owners - they expected the Nikon mirrorless to be APS-C. Nikon purposely doesn't want to challenge their entry level DSLRs with another product. They so where to go? Well, to an even smaller sensor. Don't know why their lenses for small sensor are so big though.

  6. Ananda,
    True enough, the lenses for the Nikon 1 system are just too big for the sensor of their size. Somehow, even the camera bodies arent exactly that small. Everyone would have thought Olympus/Panasonic micro 4/3 system striking the optmized balance between size/IQ ratio.
    Do note that the Alpha 77 has battery grip attached. Hence it seems bigger than it actually is without the grip.

  7. "Ok, I have mentioned Canon. Don't say I am racist. Lets move on."

    Thanks for this one, made me really SMILE :-))) Rgds, Zed

  8. Hello Zed,
    LOL I hope I did not offend anyone !! But seriously Canon did not come up with something new for the past half year or so. Nothing to go "wow" about anyway.

  9. Hey Robin,

    Was at KLPF yesterday. Definitely lots of stuff. Nearly bought the voightlander 25mm 0.95. Hehe

    Anyways the Fuji x10 feels cramp. Too plasticy. You will know what I mean when you get your hands on one.


  10. Hi Luke,
    Oh you were there today !! Nice !!
    The X10 looked quite good though. Hmmm plasticky is not my thing. too bad its not as solid as the X100.

  11. dint catch the nissin 100continues flash with 0 delay?? ^^"

  12. Was there today, but Canon booth was empty. :/

    And didn't stay long because the crowd was suffocating and making me really restless.

  13. hey jason,
    haha, I did not even visit canon yesterday. the id was taken at another booth.
    and there were not that many people yesterday so it was not too bad. why didnt you go friday or saturday?

  14. funny !, Some also check out canon last night. the particular identity was consumed with an additional booth.
    where there were not that numerous folks recently therefore it had not been too bad. precisely why did not you go comes to an end or sunday?