Just a quick sharing of a scene that caught my attention on my way home from work. Always remember that there are those less fortunate than us. They too, are human. They too, feel pain, hunger and sadness.

Image taken at Chow Kit
Olympus E-PL1, 14-42mm Mk1, ISO2500

The next time you kneel down and pray to God, please remember those in need. And ask yourself, what can you do, and how will you act?

Even that half-eaten Big Mac you threw away can help them make through the day.


  1. Hi Robin,
    There are some photo bloggers or even the Pro photographer..dislike us to upload photos of sleeping people/homeless in the street and show it to the world..

  2. awang,
    first of all I do not care what they think because this is not their photograph, this is mine.
    second of all, the scene of a homeless man is a wake up call for us not to take things for granted.
    remember there is no right and wrong in street photography. it is the message and story that you want to tell. in this photograph, a homeless sleeping outside an abandoned shop stripped down to nothing is my message to my readers that there is still a lot of issues in our "modern" country.

  3. thanks for the reminder. I been neglecting about almost everything and always thinking i have a big problem.

  4. Hi Timothy,
    Glad that you found the reminder !! We should appreciate things around us a little bit more.

  5. Hi Robin,

    thanks - this is important stuff. And it reminds me of Michael O'Brien's "Hard Ground" (see, who was video-interviewed by Kirk Tuck on

  6. thanks wolfgang for the compliments!!
    also thanks for sharing those links. too bad kirk is no longer writing. miss him already!