Volkswagen Das Auto Show 2011

Earlier this evening, I braved the massive crowd flooding the Bukit Jalil National Stadium for the much anticipated Volkswagen Das Auto Show 2011. There were so many people I lost my appetite to shoot. I only came out with a few photos, but the look and feel of those sexy Volkswagen creatures were out of the world experience. That, coming from a non-car lover such as myself, is something rather unusual.

Weekend is here. Time to charge up the batteries and go for shutter therapy.


  1. Finally you got to the good stuff! People are ok, but cars, cool cars, fast cars...Sexy and fun to look at and drive, but I agree, very hard to shoot at a car show. Its all about the angles and you got a good one in the VW shot. Love your stuff Robin.

    Cashiers, NC.

  2. Me like the angle of this photo. *double thumbs up*