Someone Called My Name On the Street

It was after work today that I decided to have a very brief shutter therapy session with my Olympus PEN E-PL1, walking along Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman from KL Sogo to Masjid Jamek LRT Station. I did not have anything particular in mind, and I did not intend to fire away 100 shots. I just wanted to make the shutter click, and come home with a few photos to look at on my computer screen. As hard as it is for many to believe, something as simple as this is enough to make my day.

All images were taken with Olympus PEN E-PL1 and kit lens

As I was doing my shutter therapy merrily, I would be in a street shooting "trance" mode, that my mind would be hunting for subjects all around me, from as close as a few feet in front of me to the far distance across the road into the next building. I was constantly on alert, and this was an important training to keep myself sharp and ready.

When I was in my deepest "trance" mode my eyes caught sight of a man walking along a reflective side wall of a building, sporting a perfect mirror image of him on the wall. I thought to myself "wow, what a photo opportunity!!".He was walking rather quickly, and there was nowhere my old PEN would be able to capture that successfully. That, and the fact that the man already was looking at me, and was aware of my presence. I decided to give this subject a pass, and moved a long.

There and then... as I walked pass the man, I heard an articulate, sharp call "Robin!!"

That was when I felt the biggest horror I have had in a long, long while, the shock was more intense than any terror Stephen King could conjure up in his greatest books. The photography subject that I have so carefully analyzed and was ready to pounce on actually called out my name loudly !! What the devil in the world, I thought to myself !

I turned around, and we shook hands, and gosh, now that I was standing close to him, he looked scarily familiar, and then it hit me, goodness gracious, this was someone I KNOW. Scanning through the facial recognition database in my mind (which seriously need an efficiency upgrade), the man kindly offered his name "Wai Nyan".

What a pleasant surprise. I do not think I have seen Wai Nyan since 2006, where I did blog about him here (click). Now I really felt bad, really bad. Nonetheless, it was great seeing Wai Nyan again. I was caught off guard I did not even think about taking a photo of him until we already parted ways.

Note to self: When shooting on the streets, before approaching subjects, must make sure that whether I do know them in person or not first !!

Another note to self: Find new street hunting grounds. Seriously.


  1. Great photos! The first one is brilliant!

  2. Thanks Jeremiah !! Thats my favourite too, hence its placed as the first !! heh.

  3. What a stunning shot " the first one ' O man I always like reading you're blog!!

  4. Thanks Rick !!
    You are being too kind !!

  5. The first one is pretty awesome! Do you ever print your images? This one would look amazing printed big.

    Also I really like the last one. A good reminder for me not to zoom in too much. The negative space is great.


  6. hello andre thanks so much for such kind compliments! I rarely incorporate negative space, but starting to do so recently. experimenting with different styles!

  7. hey robin, what a "funny" story. big fan of your portrait photos, always a story within a photo.

  8. Thanks V !
    I am still not that good with portraits yet. Still exploring and learning. Some of the good ones are lucky ones !!

  9. Robin the portrait of the two chaps is excellent and really does say a lot about the quality obtainable from such a small camera. I love the arrow also.