Simplicity Works

One of my beautiful readers pointed out in my previous entry discussing "snapshots vs phototgraphs" that I may have over-think about the subject. Honestly, I agree with him because I have become contradictory to my own long-time belief that simplicity works best. Not that I am giving up my own principles, it is wise to keep the door open for feedback and suggestions, especially when it comes to something as subjective as photography.

I have always believed in simplicity, not only in photography but in life generally. I would consider only one main subject in a frame, placed within a simple background. One story to tell. Less complications, less distractions, and the approach may seem too minimalist to many, but I find it to complement my shooting style beautifully. Sometimes, trying too much to make that shot happen would just spoil the shot altogether. I like my photographs to be direct, clean and easy. I like my photographs simple. I am a simple person.

I shot the above image with a simple tool: my Nokia C6-01 camera phone.

No bokeh, no high ISO capability, no fixed aperture lens. No difficult composition consideration, it was straight on direct angle shot. No extra lighting setup. No endless camera setting fiddling, everything was set to auto. Spent not more than two minutes on quick post-processing to get the tone in my head into the image, performed via a simple image editing software, Google's Picasa. No photoshop necessary. The image has no hidden agenda, or double meanings to decipher. No need to over-think.

And you know what?

Regardless of what any of you may think, this is my favorite photograph from anything that I have taken in quite a long while. There is nothing special in that photograph, but I still am loving it. Yes, the image screams simplicity, and it is meant to be that way.

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