Silent Scenery @ Laundry Bar, the Curve

It was a great Thursday evening, that a friend's band, Silent Scenery was playing at Laundry Bar for an event called Kontakt 5. I traveled to the Curve straight after work, met up with a friend, Simon and we had a light drink at the bar just as the band entertained the crowd for the night.

Silent Scenery will be releasing their new album, titled "These Still Moments". They were playing their new songs from that new album, and gosh, it was really an awesome treat to end a full day of stressful work with great music and beer.

Please kindly check out Silent Scenery's facebook page here (click), and while you are at it, do click "like" if you like their music !! You can listen to free live streaming in their bandpage here (click).



Kit, Ivan and Seikan

The lighting condition in the Laundry bar was the worst I have ever encountered in my whole life !! I shot at high ISO, combined with the use of external flash (toned down the intensity), to counter the non-existing light. There was flashing color spot-light on the stage (with negligible brightness), but the light was moving and did not stay still. It was a horror focusing in such low light condition, and Olympus high ISO shooting was not exactly something to be proud of.

I guess I can complain and complain and it never ends. Setting aside the technicalities, I reminded myself why I was there in the first place. I was there to enjoy the music. I was there to support Silent Scenery (soon to be world famous, mark my words). Most importantly, I was there to capture some photographs. Yes, I know it was near impossible to come home with clean high ISO images, and yes, use of flash cannot be prevented and worst of all, I had many misses than hits. In the end, I decided to let myself be connected to the music, and just click the camera without worrying too much.

*special apologies to Seikan (the awesome drummer), I did not have any decent photos of you to show. You were too far behind the stage.

None of the photographs in this entry actually made it through my own quality control and standards of screening process. But hey! Life is not about perfections, and I chose to show my imperfections in my photography here.

Have you faced a situation that you know you have stretched out your own limitations? I know I just have done so.


  1. Ha! yes, i had the most impossible shoot ever. I shot a dance show called A Vampire Tale. It is fast moving and extremely dark. everyone is just barely kissed by the lights. and for the most part the only lights were RED! photography demon lighting.

    i kept hoping to get a nice posed shot at the end of each dance piece, but the lights seriously went black at the exact moment each piece ended. i figured i would have atleast a second to snap a shot when they were in their final pose of the number. but i was way wrong.

    anyways, i was actually shocked that i came away with what i did. i stayed and shot their second run-through aswell just to give myself some more options.

    here's a link if you're interested.

    A Vampire Tale

  2. eric you lied to me!! those are very impressive shots you have there!

  3. haha, thanks. like i said, i was shocked that i had any keepers at all. it was the most impossible time. if i remember right i was using the epl1 with the panasonic 25mm f1.4 on an adapter.

  4. Sometimes it's really impossible to shoot gigs, too dark, even with the 20mm. Then I shoot raw, and turn the pictures with a HDR progamme like Photomatix into black and whites. Really works well.

  5. i broke my nose cos i thought the beer was real