She Sings

Just to share one photo which caught my attention while running through the series I have covered last night at Laundry Bar. This image of a lady singing somehow spoke out to me.

ISO2000, F/2, 1/80sec

Low light photography is so not my thing, seriously.


  1. Seriously, the picture captured her emotion quite well. i like it. And it was rightly captured in B&W rather than in colour.

    Was this pic taken by E5 or EPL1 ?

  2. hello calex,
    thanks! it was taken with e-5.
    unfortunately I did not have many keepers to make a series of photos like usual. low hit rate this time. inpossible lighting situation as described in previous entry.

  3. Nice shot. I like low key shot like this.

  4. Oh man.. this photo.. oh mann... lovely.

    You can feel the passion in her song despite not being there.

    Lovely shot bro, as always!