Pan Mee and Nikon

One of my current favourite food is Chilli Pan Mee.

Oh, and who says I shoot only with Olympus all the time? Like any other photographers I do have cravings and curiosity towards other camera creatures out there.

This week seems very long. Can't wait for the weekend to come. Lots of things lining up, lets hope I can squeeze time for shutter therapy somehow.


  1. HI Robin
    love your site and the varied choice of topic / post, the reviews are well written and I think give a balanced view of the product..on a completely seperate note, excuse my ignorance but what is the dish Pan Mee? I'm guessing poached egg noodles and mince? It looks delicious.

  2. Hi Shooter,
    Thanks for the compliments !!
    It is a local dish served here, consist of noodles with egg, minced meat and fried anchovies.

  3. Shooter: And dried chili flakes, which are very spicy and guaranteed to give you a burning ass when you are in the toilet. :)