Just Another Full Moon

Due to uncontrolled forest burning in neighboring country Indonesia and the thick haze that the tragedy brought over to Malaysia at this unfortunate time of the year, I was not expecting the full moon to be photogenic tonight. It was the Chinese celebration of Lantern Festival (some call it Mid-Autumn festival, mooncake festival, etc) hence the full moon was rather significant for us.

Thanks to some miracle, it rained rather heavily early evening, and the sky cleared up a little, good enough for the moon to shine through. Perfect opportunity to utilize my Zuiko 50-200mm tele lens !!

Olympus DSLR E-5 with Zuiko 50-200mm F2.8-3.5 Mk1
200mm, ISO 200, F4.5, 1/320sec, -0.7EV spot metering, shot handheld
100% crop from original size.

The moon did appear rather soft somehow, most probably due to the presence of the earlier mentioned haze, which is plaguing Malaysian skies right now. Now I wish I have the teleconvertor, or better that super 300mm F2.8 lens !!

I must remind myself to stop gobbling those dangerously high in sugar content mooncakes. After all, the festival is over.


  1. nice picture Robin, I just did the same thing from New Zealand with an E-1 and 50-200, my 100% crop didn't look as clear, now I have another reason to desire the E-5 :-)

  2. hello macboy,
    oh wow, you have the legendary e1!! thats nice!