In the midst of modern lives, where I-Pad, video-gaming and online social culture have replaced television dominion over children's pass-time, finding these boys playing what boys used to play in the backyard was a very rare, compelling and powerful scene.

Olympus E-PL1 with kit lens. Pinhole Art Filter applied

One may point out that there was nothing outstanding in that photograph. I could not agree more. There was no special effect, no dramatic presentation, no "wow" factor that pops out into your face. There was no creamy bokeh, or some over-cooked HDR rendition. Composition wise the image was arranged in too direct of a manner, and I was not even close enough to the subject to reveal the subject inside that "cage". A lot of improvements could have been done to execute this photograph better. Maybe by using a full frame camera with one of those you know, F1.4 prime lenses for that extra oomph. Then run through some special processing software to add some "National Geographic" look that could turn the children in an instant into African kids, or transforming the scene into some far away land.

Alright, I got carried away with my sarcasm, but I made my point there. Sometimes, simplicity works. Sometimes, we do not have to think too much.

A photograph may be just what it is, and no further. Try not to read it too hard.


  1. Great post! Kids nowadays are exposed to advanced technology that was barely even possible/were just too expensive when we were at their age. It's bizzare seeing a three year old using an iphone to play games,delete images, etc. but im getting used to it now.

    Loved that part about the african kids. hahaha!

  2. Hi Jeremiah,
    Thanks !! LOL don't you find it too "cliche" that everytime someone mentions Nat Geo african kids sort of jumped into mind.
    Its nice to see that some kids these days still play the things that kids should play.

  3. okay, but WHAT are they playing with. a mouse?

  4. hello v,
    it was actually a frog! animal cruelty if you see it from another way.