Cameras and Music

I am currently hooked to freshly released music created by a fellow Olympus photographer, Ian Davis.

I have been following his blog for quite a while now, and he has produced many impressive photographs, especially portraiture and people shots. I admire his passion for photography, and he is a living testimony that Olympus is a capable system for professional photography work.

Recently, he created a fusion of photography and music, both his passion combined together in his newly launched EP titled "Cameras and Music". I have been looping the entire album for a few days now, and I am deeply in love with two particular tracks, namely "Portrait (Ian)" and "Alone in the Dark(Room)". I am not exactly good at reviewing and describing music, but I do love how the entire album has strong photography as its main theme. Good stuff must be shared, right? Go grab yourself some fresh cool music from Ian's website. Ian, you are being too generous for making this available for free for everyone.

I have been rather busy myself lately, both with my day job, as well as photography assignment. In the midst of all the tight schedule, I made a point to myself to squeeze in a little bit of my time for some shutter therapy session. This morning, I headed to Petaling Street and attacked one of the many temples there, with a friend of course. Choon Wee was shooting alonside me, with his Leica M9. *slurp

I have had so many things going on in my mind that I wanted blurt all out here, mainly my thoughts on current photography trends. I just have too much to sort out to properly compose a complete blog entry with a consistent theme. Therefore, for this session, I will just post up the photographs from the earlier shutter therapy session.

All images in this entry were taken with Olympus DSLR E-5 and 11-22mm F2.8-3.5 or 50mm F2 macro

Choon Wee and his Leica M9. *drools

Late breakfast, Chee Cheong Fan at Petaling Street.

Self Portrait, heh !!

The photography opportunities inside and around the temple, and the surrounding streets are just endless. So many things to capture !! I love temples, I just could not get enough of them.

I can't believe the weekend is already over. Time flies, when you have too many things in your hands.


  1. love the split photos!


  2. Hello Marcus,
    Thanks !! Trying to optimize the space, hehe. And loading less pictures if I combine two to one normal photo.

  3. Hey Robin,

    Thanks for the mini review of my album! I truly appreciate it. I am currently in the middle of working on 3 more albums, all of which I will be releasing for free.

  4. hello Ian
    No worries mate, it is always a pleasure to share good stuff. Keep them coming !!

  5. Love the second photo.

    When are you getting your Leica M9? :D

  6. Chong,
    Thanks, but why the second one? A weird choice coming from you. hehe.
    When will I get M9? After I strike a jackpot of course. LOL.

  7. Hi, Rob! I think you are concentrating too much on thin DOF lately. Some of your photos are even out of focus.

  8. Bartosz,
    I think you are thinking too much lately. Some of the photos are meant to be out of focus.

    hello Rick,
    Thanks !!

  9. A M9 has no autofocus, no movie, high iso-noise, is over expensive, has over expensive lenses if you can find some, has a bad screen, no tele lenses, no zooms .. It is meant for people with too much money ;) Robin, you DON'T need a M9, it's for the Ferrari snobs :) I would buy one, a M9, not a Ferrari, if it was 500 euros, just to try it out. But not for 8000 euros (without a lens), idiot pricing ..

  10. Frank,
    The M9 is not my friend's main working horse. he bought it because he can, and it is a good street shooting camera. It is a different system, but those who use leica is not arguing about what is worth the money or what is better than others, they use it simply because they love it.
    I can't get one even if I want to, can't afford it ahahah.


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