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Through my walk in photography, I have come across many circles of friends, clubs, forums and groups. Recently, I have been participating rather actively in the PEN Lovers, a Facebook group based in Malaysia (click to join).

What drew me to this particular group?

There is this new breed of photographers resulted by product of the new generation hybrid camera system (mirrorless, lens-interchange-able type). These people do not follow the general technical fanaticism as heavily practiced by usual DSLR crowd. Yet, they are serious about shooting, but mainly for the love and fun of it. Enjoying themselves in photography is the main driving force, and anything else is secondary. At the same time, they do not just simply point and shoot like typical compact camera users, they do take their time to plan and improve their shots. Just like how Olympus PEN strikes a balance and brings out the best of both DSLR and compact camera worlds, this new breed of photographers bridge the balance between DSLR and compact camera users.

All images in this entry were taken with Olympus PEN E-PL1 and 14-42mm Mk1 kit lens.

Something to kill time while waiting for Simon and Thian Jin to fetch me from my work place to dinner with the PEN Lovers

One Mont Kiara in the evening.

I am proud to be a part of this initiative, started by Koon Yik, a friend who brought everyone together. The PEN Lovers have always had their shutter therapy sessions, going around places locally, sometimes out of the city to find photography opportunities. Every single time, everyone came back with tonnes of photos to show. It does not matter if the photograph is not National Geographic worthy, or magazine printable. The spirit of sharing and showing off our humble photographs amongst ourselves have encouraged everyone to pick up the camera to continue shooting, and this has been very positively received by many members. We inspire each other to learn from each other, and grow together in photography. Generally, everyone believes that shooting is a self-pleasure activity, and everyone is open to express themselves freely.

The PEN Lovers have been very supportive to me and my blog all this time, especially at critical times of my blog reviews on the new Olympus PEN E-P3. Their kind gesture by commenting on my blog, "liking" my blog entry, reposting my blog reviews on other sites and sharing with their friends and families, and even coming up to me and say really nice things about my reviews and photography works (which I do not deserve, really, sometimes they are being too kind) have kept me going on and on and on all these times. Their support and encouragement have been tremendously inspirational, and I was very glad I could contribute in whatever small ways in my blog review works to this community.

Roasted Duck, one of the main course served for dinner.

If you are in Malaysia (especially in KL) and you use PEN, please do join us at PEN Lovers (click here to join). If you are elsewhere, or even outside of Malaysia, we still welcome you, but we do have local language slangs (Malaysian English, or Manglish) and jokes which would be alien to non-Malaysians. That aside, we are all about fun in photography. In this group, you will see what PEN cameras can really do, and why PEN is mightier than the sword.

This particular evening, I got off work sharp at 5pm (due to Ramadan, fasting month), and waited eagerly for the dinner with a group of PEN Lovers. We had really delicious Hokkien Noodles, Roasted Duck (as seen in the image), and vegetables in oyster sauce and garlic for dinner. Also, a few PEN Lovers had recently bought the newly released PEN E-P3, and brought them out on the table for everyone else to gawk and molest. It was a great evening out with friends who share the same passion in photography.

PEN Lovers (left to right): Gerald, Thian Jin, Yeow, Mun Keat, Yong, Koon Yik, Simon, Yap and Chun Chow.

The very first few PEN Lovers to own the Olympus PEN E-P3. Congratulations guys !!!
Left to right:
Yeow (dude, start a blog !!!!)
Thian Jin and Simon will be sharing their photos and experience on their new E-P3, hence do give their blogs a visit.

Do you use an Olympus PEN? What are your thoughts and experience of using one? Does it separate you from the usual photography-crazy DSLR crowd? Feel free to say something, we all would love to hear from you.


  1. LUV it...thanks guys and let the fires keep going for your enthusiasm and passionate spirits!!!

  2. hello pheobe,
    PEN Lovers rock!!

  3. Looks like you had great fun! Sometimes it may seem we take photography very serious. But remember that there is also much fun in seriosness :D

  4. Bartosz,
    indeed we had lots of fun. I fit into many groups of photographers, some more serious about technicalities, some crazy about anything artistic, and some just simply point and shoot. But whoever and whichever group I shoot with, I sure have something to learn from.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Just love this camera for its portability and capability. PEN Lovers Rocks too!!!

  7. Simon,
    Glad you love the camera !!!

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