A Friendly Encounter

One of the great joys in the social photography encounters would be finding photographers that share similar outlook and passion in the camera system which you have chosen and poured your heart out into.

Meet Capin Zaini, who travelled all the way from Kedah (one of the far northern States of Malaysia). What a long journey dude !!

A Portrait of an Olympus Zuiko Follower

Image taken with Olympus PEN E-PL1 and 14-42mm mk1 kit lens, available light at ISO2000.

He was holding proudly the legendary Olympus E-1 with OM 50mm F1.4 mounted on, and ready to attack. His presence oozes infectious inspiration and he made me want to burn holes in my wallet to try out manual lenses.

Capin is a long, long time Olympus supporter, a lot longer than myself. He shoots with Olympus film OM camera too. He has got many great stories to tell, and I sure hope I will have chances to hear them all in the future. Perhaps do some shutter therapy sessions together too !!

It surely is assuring, and refreshing at the same time to meet a fellow photographer having common love for a camera system. Olympus Warriors, unite !!


  1. Ahh, the Olympus E-1, my second olympus digital after the e-10! I am a little sorry I sold it. I have tried using the legesy lenses but have not enjoyed them much since you have to stop down and the viewfinder goes darker. Since I'm 54 my vision's not what it used to be. I have several and some are quite good...works well on E-5. Maybe I should just give them to you...

  2. thanks carl you are too kind!!

    I do admit and have said a few tImes I am not a manual.focus user but seeing what those lenses can do really opens up my interest!!

    glad to hear that you still keep some of those legacy lenses. which ones do you have?

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  4. Thanks for sharing Capin's link. It's good to know that he has plenty of good write ups & photos.

  5. Rob, this photography has too much noise reduction in my opinion. It looks like a water painting. It would look better with more grain and details.

  6. xuenphotoz
    good link and photography work should be shared!!

    hey bartosz
    noise and details are not the main concern in this image. if I do care about technical perfection I would have used a better lighting setup. it was a spur of the moment thing.

  7. I have 28, 2.8; 50, 1.8; 100, 2; 200, 2.8 and 50, 3.5 macro. Both 50s are quite good and the 50, 1.8 is terrific on an extension tube. I bought them after buying the E system. Perhaps I should look at buying an OM body to use them on but I don't want to have to go out to buy film again. Besides, the wonderful DZ lenses are terrific. Especially the DZ 50 macro, much better then the older OM.

  8. hello carl,
    that is quite an impressive lineup of OM lenses you have yourself!! you have the macro, which is very respectable itself, though I do agree the zuiko digital macro 50mm f2 performs better in terms of overall resolution and image quality.
    I would not want to dive into film, just too troublesome and in the long run, the costs of films, development and scanning services can be rather heavy.
    I am staying with digital body, but of course I am free to explore older manual lenses.