You know, photography is not my only obsession.

Well, obviously I am nowhere near affording a pair of B&W bookshelves or Tannoy floorstanders. A set of generic China cha-pa-lang brand speakers will do for now to fulfill my eargasm needs. Still beats the crap out of any Altec Lansing (you call those speakers? pffffft) junks out there.

Eargasm is a word I have stolen from Eugene, a friend who is also crazy about both audio and photography.

An audio geek, I am.


  1. Robin,

    my brother is like you in that regard - he loves loudspeakers from a German engineer named "G√ľnther Nubert" (see http://www.nubert.de/, I didn't find any English version, so you might have to run it through Google Translate or something).

    That engineer once built a speaker he called the "NuBox 360", and that one won many prices and awards - it's in my opinion better than any of the big brands. The successor of that one is the "nuBox 381" (see http://www.nubert.de/index.php?action=product&id=2&category=1) for about 190€ per piece (so 380€ which would calculate to some 1800 Ringgit for a pair I guess), but I don't know if they also ship to Malaysia.

    They are definitely something you should hear. My adik had much bigger speakers before, but these small ones beat them really easy.

    Listen to good music, you must (Yoda)


  2. Wolfgang,
    Thanks so much for the recommendations !! Will keep an eye out for the brand.
    Good music provides good inspiration for photography !!