A Brief Alien Body Encounter

One of my friends bought a Lumix G3, one of the latest micro four thirds line-up from Panasonic that got quite an attention besides the Olympus E-P3.

We met up for drinks, and I had my hands on the G3.

Chun Chow and Panasonic Lumix G3, with Olympus 45mm F1.8 mounted on. Note that he front ring of the lens was removed, exposing the threads to attach the lens hood.

It was just a very brief tryout of course, a playful round over a coffee session in the local Old Town Cafe. I shall not post up any photographs from the G3, simply because, I was at a coffee shop, with very bad lighting, with not many subjects to test the camera with besides ugly coffee cups and saucers, dodgy cafe styled tables and tools, and of course, the not that handsome looking yours truly. Lets not scare any of you away with portraits of me.

I decided to do some match-making and mounted the Olympus M.Zuiko 45mm F1.8 lens on the Panasonic G3 body.

I was actually quite amazed at the Autofocus speed on the Panasonic G3. It was very quick to focus, and very accurate too. In comparison to the Olympus PEN E-P3, the autofocus on the Panasonic G3 was slightly slower, but respectfully very close to the lighting speed on Olympus E-P3. Although the difference in speed was noticeable between both bodies, I dare say the difference was safely negligible and would not pose any significant impact in real life shooting. Panasonic shooters should be delighted to hear this.

I did not shoot much with the Pansonic G3 to comment any further. Should the chance arises, I may bring it out for a shutter therapy session.

Do you think that the lens good look on the G3?


  1. I must admit, that silver 45mm looks really, really good on the front of that G3!

  2. Ronald,
    It does, right? However I think the main concern for many photographers is the "stealth" part. Shiny metallic silver will attract too much attention.

  3. Robin, Silver lens looks great on the black body. I have the EP3 in Silver with 12mm, 142, and now 4-150 in silver. May draw attention, but it sure looks money!
    I am still amazed at how great the photos are using touch screen focus shoot in Aperture mode with all three lenses. I think I would prefer the slightly larger form factor of the EP3 vs the G3 from the picture, but it does look good.

  4. hello again ralph,
    I know right, the touch focusing works like a charm and I rarely miss my focus when I do use it. I shoot with the shutter button traditionally most of the time too.
    its good that matching the 45mm on black body if panasonic is not an issue. however I cant say the same with panasonic lenses on olympus body. thats a fashion disaster!

  5. Thanks Robin,

    I'm a G3 owner with an order in for the 45mm 1.8. The focusing advice was very good news.


  6. hello bill,
    you are most welcome. I am sure you will love the lens!

  7. Hi Bill (& Robin)
    As someone also considering adding this lens to a G3, I'd love to get impressions.

  8. Hello Wook,
    The G3 belongs to a friend of mine. Unfortunately I will be returning the loaned 45mm lens to Olympus soon. I apologize for not having the opportunity to test the lens out on the G3.