Monday, July 04, 2011

Olympus E-P3 Review: Kuala Lumpur Night Scenes

Side Note:
1. This is a user experience based review.
2. All images were shot in JPEG LSF (Large Super Fine).
3. General camera settings, Noise Filter = Standard, Contrast/Saturation/sharpness = 0, White Balance = Auto (with an option maintain warm color), Gradation = Normal
4. Minimal post-processing applied to the images. Only exposure compensation (brightness/contrast) and cropping performed for better consistency and overall presentation. Apart from that, the images were as good as straight out of camera (color and sharpness)

This is my third part of my E-P3 review write-up. In case you missed out the first two parts, please read Part 1 here and Part 2 here. In this entry, I shall be primarily discussing about the performance of high ISO shooting of the E-P3. I decided to bring the E-P3 to several places that even advanced DSLR would struggle to capture decent quality images, and I pushed the E-P3 to its limits. The E-P3 has ISO sensitivity ranging from 200 to 12800. This is the first ever camera from Olympus to feature ISO as high as 12800 (previous ceiling was 6400 on E-5 and E-PL2). Also, the base ISO is at 200, not 100. We know that previous 12MP sensor (E-5, E-30, and all the PENs) has base ISO sensitivity of 200 and there is an expansion that extends to ISO100. It is interesting to note that Olympus is getting rid of the ISO100 altogether. Perhaps it is a subtle way of Olympus to hint to us that they are getting serious about high ISO performance of their cameras.

ISO 2500
Zuiko 50mm F2 lens (on MMF-1 adapter)
1/100s, F/2, ISO2500

One of the limiting factors of ISO performance would be the sensor size. Olympus will never change their mind about their choice in the four-thirds system, which they did develop from scratch and invested so much of time and money in. Generally I have no complains about the overall high ISO noise performance on Olympus cameras (both E-System DSLR and PEN series) and they have shown significant improvements over the years. However, no thanks to the modern photography-geeky philosophies and gear-measurebators, the expectations of high ISO performance have become increasingly ridiculous.

People cannot accept the fact that digital noise will always be present anymore, they all want clean, smooth images all the way. In all honestly, I do think it is not exactly a terrible thing to have high expectations, because only through such demands from the users that the camera manufacturers would push their limits and get serious about improving their products. Indeed technology is catching on, and one day, sensor size will not be the main limiting factor to the overall image quality. Pentax has proven this theory true in their highly acclaimed K-5 DSLR (cropped APS-C sized sensor), having dynamic range and high ISO performance surpassing even some of the best and most respected full frame DSLRs in the market. It is not impossible that Olympus will be able to break the limits regardless of their choice in adopting smaller sensor size, the only question is how fast they can catch on.

ISO 6400
M.Zuiko 12mm F2 lens
1/125s, F2, ISO6400

ISO 6400
Zuiko 50mm F2 lens (on MMF-1 adapter)
1/100s, F2, ISO6400

ISO 6400
100% Crop from previous image.
Mostly luminance noise (grains), chroma noise is almost absent here.

ISO 4000
M.Zuiko 12mm F2 lens
1/15s, F2, ISO4000
The colour balance in such difficult lighting was still well maintained. The autofocus of the 12mm F2 lens did splendidly in capturing this, fast and accurate, impressive under such dim lighting. Note that the AF assist light was turned off, so it was the native camera AF capability.

ISO 4000
100% Crop from previous image.
There was still plenty of details intact though using such high ISO. I was expecting the image to be more smeared and smudged.

Olympus made a very bold claim of staying with just the 12MP count, detaching themselves away from the megapixel race. This may not necessarily be a disadvantage. 12MP is still very respectable by today’s standards, and it will be even more admirable if Olympus can improve two very significant factors in digital photography world: the ISO performance and the dynamic range. Lets just draw a line at 12MP, and start tweaking and boosting the potential of the sensor to the maximum. I have discussed in my part 1 of the blog reviews about how much improvements I have witnessed in the dynamic range of the new 12MP sensor, and in this part 3 of my review, I shall be concentrating solely on the high ISO performance of the E-P3.

For this particular session, I brought the E-P3 out at night along the streets of Kuala Lumpur. I did not purposefully bumped up the ISO, I chose the setting that I felt was suitable for each shooting situation. I originally wanted to bring along a tripod for steady shooting, but I thought that would defeat the purpose of testing the high ISO shooting. Therefore all the images shown in this entry were taken handheld, unless otherwise noted.

Before I jumped into my elaborations on the ISO-noise performance, please be aware that I am writing this based on entirely my own user-experience. For accurately controlled technical test results, please refer to professional review websites, We all know the fact that different people have varying tolerance when it comes to noise, I may be happy with what I see in the ISO1600 image but another guy would scream his lungs out as he spotted even just a tiny few dots of unobtrusive innocent grains in the image zoomed into view at 300% magnification. There is no right and wrong in this regard. How usable the high ISO is entirely dependent on individual standards and preferences. For this reason, I am presenting my findings based on my own photography needs. Please do not take my words in any conclusive manner, or any other review websites in this regard, because you only know how well the camera will do for you when you are actually having it in your hands out there making photographs.

ISO 2500
Zuiko 50mm F2 lens (on MMF-1 adapter)
1/60s, F2, ISO2500

ISO 1600
M.Zuiko 12mm F2 lens
1/25s, F2, ISO1600
At ISO1600, the image appears very sharp still.

ISO 1600
M.Zuiko 12mm F2 lens
1/5s, F2, ISO1600
At 1/5 seconds, I can shoot this handheld no problem. The in body Image Stabilization was darn effective. Shot at F2 wide open, the image was really sharp.

ISO 1000
M.Zuiko 12mm F2 lens
1/13s, F2, ISO1600
KL night view from 16th floor of a low cost apartment in Kampung Baru.

ISO 3200
M.Zuiko 12mm F2 lens
1/30s, F2, ISO3200
Reflection on puddle of rain water on the road.

ISO 1000
M.Zuiko 12mm F2 lens
1/25s, F2, ISO1000
View from the road level.

I did not expect miracles to happen on the E-P3 when it comes to high ISO shooting. However, I did expect at least noticeable improvements, and I am glad there was. Shooting up to ISO1600, the overall image quality is still well maintained, and both chromatic and luminance noise were well controlled. The noise is barely visible, and this is definitely a big improvement over what I have seen previously on both the E-5 and E-PL1. Going up to ISO3200, the noise starts to creep in, but to me, I find them not too intrusive at all.

However, I must also admit that as the ISO setting goes up, from ISO1600 onwards, the image suffers in terms of softness. You can see that the edges are not as crispy and the fine details are lost. This is not exactly image smearing or image smudging as observed in many typical cameras using high ISO, but simply put, the details were just not there.  This could probably be due to the more excessive noise reduction going on in the new Trupic 6 engine, I cannot confirm this speculation. Yes, you get very clean images at high ISO, but somehow the amount of details were not as amazing as it should be. Do take note that I chose noise filter "standard" for the testing of the images in this particular entry, since I did not intend to run any post processing to reduce the noise for my final presentation of the images as seen on this entry. As I was using the legendary Zuiko 4/3 lens 50mm F2 macro, I was seriously hoping to see a lot more details being churned out from my photographs.
A wonderful news for Olympus users, there is NO BANDING issues, finally !!!

For God knows how many generations of Olympus cameras, there have been serious banding issues which would only be worse when the user accidentally underexposed their images. I did not shoot at ISO12800 (lets face it anything at that ISO would be flooded with so much noise and why shoot at such high ISO if you know it wont give you good output), but as seen on ISO6400 images on this entry, they were free of lines both on the vertical and horizontal directions. You have no idea what a relief this was, because digital noise can be corrected or cleaned through many modern editing softwares, but banding is so destructive that it is beyond any digital manipulation salvation. Furthermore, I have underexposed some of my images on purpose, and looking at all the dark regions of my photographs (which is a lot considering they were all shot at night) there are completely no traces of banding or whatsoever.

ISO 200
M.Zuiko 12mm F2 lens
1/20s, F2, ISO200
KLCC Twin Tower View from the main entrance, looking up. It was so bright I only needed to use ISO 200.
Though there were strong source of light at the bottom, there was no flare. Immediately below the source of spot light, the words "daulat tuanku" were clearly visible and sharp, not suffering much loss of details due to the strong source of light.

ISO 400
M.Zuiko 12mm F2 lens
1/25s, F/2, ISO400
Sharpness of the 12mm F2 lens combined with E-P3 is astonishing at low ISO levels.

ISO 400
M.Zuiko 12mm F2 lens
1/20s, F/2, ISO400

ISO 400
100% Crop from the previous image.
As seen at the strong source of light in the middle, the highlight detail retention is very impressive. I would have thought the middle part would turn out to be two giant blobs of white light, and the words "daulat tuanku" wont be visible at all.

Another thing to note about the camera’s performance while shooting at night is the autofocus. I have mentioned in the Part 2 of my E-P3 review on how fast and accurate the autofocus is. I was shocked to actually find that the autofocus remains fast and accurate even in almost no light condition. I was shooting in a bar which was very dim, and even so the camera had no issue locking focus. I disabled the AF-Assist light mainly because the bright red beam can be annoying to the eyes in such dark situation, but even without the Af-Assist light the E-P3 still focuses effortlessly. Yes the speed was slower and probably there was a little bit of hunting, but still overall it was VERY fast, and very accurate. Pointing the camera at a flat, textureless or completely dark surface would probably be too difficult for the camera to handle, but seriously, it would be difficult for even the most advanced and expensive DSLR. That is where the AF-Assist light comes in, to counter such difficult situations, and yes, it worked well.

Olympus PEN by far is the only mirrorless system to have built in image stabilization inside the body. This fact is true until Pentax launched their mirrorless ‘Q’ system that has built in body IS as well. It has been tested and verified by many sources that by far Olympus body IS works, and works effectively in many situations. I was comfortable shooting handheld even at slower shutter speed of less than 1/10seconds. Lets not go to the territories of 0.5 seconds or slower, because honestly, if you managed to produce blur free images, you were most probably lucky. You wont be able to make 10 out of 10 0.5 seconds shutter speed sharp images. I can however claim to be confident in shooting 1/5-1/10 seconds handheld, and have very high hit rate with the help of the in-body IS of the E-P3. A lot of people have overlooked the importance of the Image stabilization, but I have to tell you it is such a great feature to have and you will find great use for it in a lot of shooting conditions.

The following series of three images were taken with the E-P3 being rested on the egde of the pool at ground level. IS has been turned off. Anti-Shock 2 seconds was applied. NR was set to Auto.

ISO 200
M.Zuiko 12mm F2 lens
1/10s, F/7.1, ISO200

ISO 1600
M.Zuiko 12mm F2 lens
1s, F/6.3, ISO1600

ISO 3200
M.Zuiko 12mm F2 lens
1/2s, F/6.3, ISO3200

The following three images are 100% crops from the previous three images, in order of sequence.

ISO 200
At ISO200, the image is clean and smooth. Sharpness is incredible.

ISO 1600
At ISO1600, there is noticeable softness, but noise is still very minimal and not intrusive at all.

ISO 3200
At ISO3200, loss of detail is more severe, but the overall amount of detail captured is still quite good. Look at the words "traders hotel", they still look very clear considering the small size in comparison to the overall image size. Noise is starting to look nasty, but hey, I still find it rather acceptable.

With what I have seen from my tests, the gap between the high ISO performance between 4/3 sized sensor and the larger DSLR APS-C sized crop sensors is slowly diminishing. It is not my place to make any claim that the new Olympus 12MP sensor is better than anything out there, lets wait for official professional reviews to verify this. Nonetheless, it is true that the new sensor exhibited improvements, and it is definitely a step forward for Olympus in terms of overall image quality. With the release of new prime lenses such as the M.Zuiko 12mm F2 and the 45mm F1.8, shooting in dimly lit conditions is getting less and less of an issue, coupled with usable high ISO settings.

Of course, the E-P3 is not all perfect. There were a few aspects of the camera I wish could have been better and improved. I shall talk about my dislikes of the E-P3 in the next coming entry, along with my concluding remarks. One more entry to go to wrap up my four part blog reviews for E-P3 !!

Please do not hesitate to leave a comment here or email me directly at for any questions or feedback.


  1. It was a bold thing to start your first photo at ISO6400. I'm surely very impressed now that I've what this cmera can do. I also saw how the EP3's FAST AF using the old 4/3 lense such as the 12-60mm SWD lens in action at the 43 rumors website just now. Excellent review Robin. Thanks again for sharing your experience!

  2. Hello once again Robin!

    Thanks for posting your real world view of the EP-3 with the high-ISO version, I stared at the ISO 1600 - 3200 intently & agree that it is chroma noise free.

    I must say that I'm glad the banding is not present, our E-520's had those issues and ISO 1600 was for emergency or monochrome use.

    Nice band shots, indeed the lighting is difficult there and watching over your exposures is tricky especially once the performers move with emotion.

    Anyway I'm glad the JPEGS of EP-3 in high ISO is decent, hope RAW will reveal more detail including color information to prevent channel bleeding once supported by Adobe's Lightroom III. Hopefully we can see improvement in detail especially when using the famous ZD 50mm F2.0 macro.

    I also enjoy documenting bands so I'm very glad you have this new entry which demonstrates how the EP-3 performs under low light, the fast AF even without the AF assist beam is very good news!

    Kudos again to your real world testing & keep up the good work! It may not be conventional as you mentioned in your reply to me on part 2 of your review but I still like your approach with real world shooting.

    Btw, the MMF-1 adapter is now in my highlist for the EP-3 as I want to reuse the ZD 14-54mm MII lens & look forward to it's AF since it is a Contrast AF able.

    Thanks again and I look forward to your next blog entries!

  3. Eric,
    Thank you so much for your kind words. It was my pleasure to share my thoughts and experience.

    It was not my fault, those musicians move so much, even at shutter speed 1/60 seconds I get blurry picture due to motion blur !! I had to use ISO6400 to adequately freeze the motion.

  4. Hello again jaime,
    It is good to hear from you again.

    The chroma noise was handled very well indeed, and I was surprised of how clean that was. I have never had issues with luminance noise, since they can be easily cleaned up with any noise reduction softwares, if I wanted to.

    I certainly hoped RAW would be better too. I am usually a JPEG shooter, and I only shoot in RAW for paid assignments (which do hot happen much anyway).

    I also believe documenting bands is a great place to test out the ISO performance. Even shooting at F2 on both lenses (12mm and the 50mm) I needed to push up the ISO setting to achieve sufficient shutter speed. This was really putting the camera to the extreme end.

    I am sure the 1454mm mk2 would benefit from the FAST AF, considering the CDAF capability. I am sure someone else must be testing it out already.

    Thanks again for your kind comments and support. I appreciate it.

  5. Like I said am very impressed and your making me want this camera now. Thanks!

  6. Hello again Eric !!
    The camera is sexy indeed !!

  7. Olympus got rid of ISO100 becuase it provided very little higlight DR. In my opinion this is still the same old 12MP sensor - only slightly tweaked.

  8. Bartosz,
    It was an official statement from Olympus that it is a NEW sensor, not the old one.
    The native base ISO is 200, so there is no point having an extension to ISO100.

  9. Thx a lot, great work. Looks better than the samples of dpreview.

    But... please, let us have a look of the fullsize!!!

    (Regards from Germany!)

  10. Hello Jan,
    Thank you so much for your compliments.
    If you want some full size JPEG samples, kindly email me personally (address can be found on my main page).

  11. Robin Super!
    After the E-5, Olympus going to make you a present of a EP-3

    Greeting from Switzerland!

    Stéphane T.

    (Sorry for my poor english!)

  12. Hello Stéphane T.
    Thanks for the compliments !!
    However, Olympus Malaysia made it clear in the beginning that I wont be getting a camera this time. I will be getting a little compensation for my time (you guys have no idea how much time) spent and all the costs including travel.

  13. Hey Robin! you should have said my Nikon D7000 failed to focus without the assist light in that bar with you at that time while E-P3 didn't have that kinda problem hehe.

  14. Chun Chow, if I did that, all Nikonians will want my head LOL

  15. Great street review once again, Robin!
    Really appreciate it!

    Just a quick question, since you mentioned there's no noticeable AF improvement for 4/3 PDAF legacy lens, how did the 50mm perform on the E-P3?

  16. hello Anonymous,
    Thanks for your compliments. I appreciate it.
    Under such horrible lighting... the AF was so bad I shot everything on the 50mm with manual focus. I am not joking.

  17. > [...] the expectations of high ISO performance have become increasingly ridiculous.

    Count me in. In the crowd of guys who craves for good high-ISO performance.

    A party. No flash/etc, 1.4/30mm. ISO 800 is the highest I can go safely with the E-620. That gives me 1/30-1/25 speeds. And that is too slow to shoot people. Keepers rate is below 50%.

    Usable ISO 1600 would be great. ISO 3200 is about where I think my comfort zone could be.

    The main problem of course here is the detail loss/the noise. Sometimes it is OK, sometimes it is not. To me personally, it is much harder (mostly impossible) to retouch person's face in presence of the noise, as the retouching disrupts the pattern of the noise and becomes harder to hide.

    Otherwise, yes, it is mostly amateurs like me who want to have better high ISO performance as it gives more room when tuning (aka "never change") the shooting parameters.

    But never mind that. I'm very happy that the CDAF finally is getting into the shape. Actually in low light, my biggest gripe always was and is the poor AF performance, which accounts for probably 75% of failed shots.

    P.S. Thanks for the reviews! Please also do the upcoming Samsung NX20! I do not like the technical bubble which fills most other reviews. They pay least attention to the overall shooting experience.

  18. Hi Robin,

    Thanx for your wonderful Review. Can you Tell me how fast the af was using the zuiko Digital 50mm 2.0 macro? On the e5 the af isnt useable at all.


  19. I shoot concerts and also have a site that I also make reviews (in Turkish). As a Canon EOS 5D Mark II owner (former 5D) I must add that for maximum results I allways shoot raw as incamera jpeg processing hits the IQ. I'm sure that E-P3 will produce even greater results by using raw and some post-processing.

    I love Olympus so I made E-450, E-620 and E-P1 reviews. E-620 was a dissapointment but I really loved the E-P1 (had nice ISO results: and it is great to see there are awesome improvements like super fast AF speed. I really want one with 12/2 as my everyday camera :)

  20. Again, thanks a lot for sharing, Robin

    The high ISO pix look nice - definitely way good enough for me,

    but honestly - those ISO 200 shots at night are to die for !!


  21. Hello Ihar,
    Thank you so much for the compliments, and agreeing with me on the high ISO expectations !

    Shooting people in the bar with E-620? You are very brave indeed. Using the sigma 30mm F1.4 eh? Good lens that is, especially useful in low light shooting without the need to push up ISO too high.

    I also agree with you that it is very difficult to touch up people's faces especially when noise has become an issue. I generally find people shots to be more crucial, hence I would use flash in such situations. At least the iillumination from the flash would produce good skin colour, though the bounce and diffusing method should be another issue to look at.

    I am afraid I do not have connections with Samsung Malaysia, and it is unlikely they would approach me for any review works.

    Thanks again for your aupport, I appreciate it a lot.

  22. Hello Stephan,
    Thanks for the compliments.
    I used manual focus in such lighting situation, hence I cannot comment on the AF.
    But I would like to beg to differ in opinion. I have shot in very demanding situations with the 50mm macro on E-5, and I find it to be very fast and accurate.

    Yalçın AYDIN,
    Thanks for your comments.
    5Dmk2 is indeed a good camera to use, in very challenging lighting situations, and knowing how to process the RAW files will give you that extra advantage.
    I did not manage to get to test the RAW files on the E-P3, mainly because the RAW support on both the official bundled software (Olympus viewer 2) and also the plug-ins for other image editing softwares came up late.
    Yes, a 12mm f2 lens would be an awesome lens to use !!!

  23. Hello Michael,
    Thanks !!
    Indeed at ISo200 the image is superb.

  24. Nice review with nice sample photos.

  25. Hello photohustler,

  26. Your photos are so amazing... You helped me a lot in choosing the camera I will buy in the future. Thank You!

  27. New PENs offer worse image quality than the last generation of PENs:

    That's why I'm telling this is the same, old, outdated sensor.

  28. Nanami,

    not everythint on the review sites are true. You admitted yourself the dynamic range has improved, and no doubt the high iso performance is better, much better as seen in this entry.
    Bartosz, I used the old cameras for years, I can easily tell that its a different sensor looking at the image output.

  29. Yes, DR is slightly improved in higlights. That is 100% correct!

    Maybe the problem is using default noise reduction in JPEG? It seems that JPEG files are overly blured and then oversharpened by JPEG engine in E-p3. I'm sure you know what I'm talking about. Files have that artificial, "overcooked" look.

  30. Bartosz,
    the jpeg engine and the sensor are two separate aspects. It is definitely a new sensor, hence the jpeg engine will process the image data differently. Perhaps the new processing is not as optimized as the previous one.

  31. Pretty good user review.

    Thank for the effort.

    It's nice to read an real user review instead of the pixel-peeping reviews out there.

  32. How is the shutter noise? Compared to let's say E-P1?

  33. It is hard to tell whether Olympus REALLY used an old or new sensor for the EP3. DXO mark may give us clue on what it really is unless someone or some company is willing to get this camera and do an autopsy to figure out it. For me what's really important is the processing engine that was used to improve DR, IQ, and ISO. Personally I think it's a new sensor with a dual core technology and that's the reason for the improvement. Anyways thank you again Robin for your excellent review and looking forward to your last one on this wonderful camera. Can't wait to see what Olympus has in store for us for their PenPro.

  34. I hope one day upgrading would be as simple as replacing parts like a computers. I know Ricoh did it but didn't really take off but I'm hoping Olympus will do the job right. I still like the look and feel of a real dslr. Kudos on your very good Ep3 user review Robin!

  35. Olympus have made a lot of improvements, especially with the AF and how small these cams are.

    However the loss of detail at high ISO in some of these shots is very disappointing. I look forward to seeing shots with NF off or low and RAW conversions in the future.

    Thanks again for such a detailed and interesting writeup robin.


  36. Hello tsarandoi,
    I believe the shutter noise is quite the same.

    Hello canikoly user,
    indeed it is difficult to really conclude whether it is just a modified sensor or designed new from ground up, but what I can say is that the image output looks very is just a modified sensor or designed new from ground up, but what I can say is that the image output looks very different.
    Thanks again for your kind comments. The final part will be up soon.

  37. Hello anonymous,
    the images taken with noise filter low does exhibit more noise, yes more details too. Nonetheless I am also curious to see how the raw files perform.
    Thanks for the compliments!

  38. ..thanks for the review. Your pics remind me of my trips to KL a few years back. Great place to visit.

  39. Hello danny
    you are most welcome! How was your KL trip I am sure you enjoyed it

  40. Hello Robin, this is Michele!
    I'm always very glad reading your posts, I love the photos you're shooting - from an esthetic point of view; lots of colors and framing that is near my own concept of shooting.
    As for the review, I really loved it! My E-PL1 will surely be followed (in the future) by a new Olympus, as I can see they are really improving in many many areas.
    Just a question here: Reading your review I've had the impression that much of the positive points - especially those impressive night shots! - are based on the excellent lens used, in this case the 12mm f/2; have you tried any older kit lenses, such as the 14-42 found in the E-PL1, and if so, how do they stand up?
    Thanks again for the excellent review, keep on the good work!

  41. Hello michele,
    Thank you so much for such kind remarks. It is always very pleasant to meet another photographer sharing the same vision and shooting style, which is rare indeed.
    It is very true that the reviews were made based on the use of good quality optics. The 14-42mm mk1performs well in terms of AF performance, much faster on the E-P3 than it is on the E-PL1, but still not as fast as the new 14-42mm MK2 on E-P3.
    In terms of image quality, the 1442 is very well respected on its own, rivaling the best budget DSLR kit lenses out there. It is not razor sharp, but for its class, it really can hold its own against its competitors. I really treasure the closer minimum focusing distance of the 14-42mm mk1 though, I do a lot of close up shooting. Yes, I love macro photography.
    Thank you so much for your kind support. It was my pleasure to share such wonderful findings with you all.

  42. it's super nice.haha,my first time seeing u as photographer using olimpus coz most of photographers tend to use canon&nikon.well done!

  43. Hello Sweet Hanen,
    Thanks so much for your kind comments.
    Yes, indeed we have toooooo many users of the big brands. Olympus is my choice, mainly because it is not the majority.

  44. Awesome! I love your outdoor photos and the angles of the shots. I need low light performance. Thanks for the thorough review. I am a follower of your blog now, in my google reader. ~Cori in Oregon USA

  45. Well written honest review, leica owners beware :)

  46. It's a big negative that ISO 100 is removed. In fact I want ISO 50 and ISO 25... basically an integrated digital ND filter. This is just as useful as high ISO.

  47. Hi, Robin!

    Awesome, as always!

    Hey - I noticed something VERY CURIOUS - on the ISO 1600 Night Cityview - there seems to be a UFO hovering over your city! Look just to the left of the center in the sky!



  48. Juan Pablo Ortiz5/21/2012 01:54:00 PM

    Hello Robin.
    Can you confirm me if you did this pics in different picture modes Olympus options? Or in which Picture Mode?
    Thanks and regards from Colombia, South America.

  49. samsung NX20 has manny facilities than the other general high quality camera .
    Samsung NX20

  50. Dear Robin,
    Im a beginner, just bought EP3. Still struggling to get use.
    Anyway thanks u have posted such nice pictures n inspire me wth the EP3.
    Keep it up..any BW EP3?
    Best regards

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