Simple, Sweet Sunday

The week has been a long and stressful one, and I am foreseeing a lot more pressure and stress coming in for the next few weeks. Before the start of the new week, sometimes, it is best to just slow down the pace a little bit, unwind, relax, and spend some time with the people who matter. Hanging out with friends is what I would call a great way to spend a weekend.

We had lunch, and then drinks, and then more drinks.

Jian (the famous Akiraceo) visited KL for the weekend, hence Jasonmumbles and I had a meet up session with him before Jian drove back to Malacca. It was indeed great catching up with Jian, since the last time I met up with him was before Chinese New Year.

All photos in this entry were taken with Olympus E-520 and ZD 50mm F2 macro lens.

Ridiculously priced unhealthy drinks.

It has been quite a while since I last used the old, faithful, undying E-520. Oh how I miss the camera !!!! I know I have switched to E-5 as my main workhorse now, but E-520 feels right at home on my hands.

It is amazing after all this time of torturing and abuse, the camera is still so well and alive, and functions without any hiccup. I mounted the 50mm on it, and shot the above shots with available light through the side windows. As always, Olympus skin tone and colors are very pleasing and comfortable to look at, one of the main reasons why I fell in love with Olympus in the first place.

Oh yes I did have my shutter therapy sessions in the morning, but lets not blast this blog with tonnes of photos for a change.

There it was, my Sunday, and I loved it. How was yours?


  1. what do you think about new PEN rumours, Robin? :)

  2. Hello Bartosz,
    I think the coming new PEN will be an exciting one. Can't wait !!

  3. I want to see the bug on Jian's head. :3