Thursday, June 16, 2011

Silent Scenery Live in Studio

A friend's band, Silent Scenery were in preparation for their upcoming album with all brand new songs. One of the songs will be the one featured in this blog entry. So here you go, Twilight Pulse, live in studio by Silent Scenery

Recorded by Olympus E-5 with 11-22mm F2.8-3.5 lens.

Awesome, right?

Do check out their page and "like" here.

Show some love yo !! Can't wait for the launch of the new album. Rock on guys !!


  1. I thought I would hear some unsophisticated garage band music but this is really outstanding. They remind me of Explosions in the Sky or God is an Astronaut. Very, very good, professional level music!

  2. Thanks bartosz,
    They are very talented indeed !!

  3. Where can I listen to more of their music? Myspace?

  4. Wow.... they are seriously good.

  5. Hey Bartosz,
    You can check out their video links on the FB page.

    Indeed !!

  6. I don't visit Facebook.

  7. Bartosz, then its Myspace or Reverbnation for you.

  8. Thank, I'm checking it out!

  9. Howdy Robin. Yeah love the way they "shoe-gazed" the music. Anyway I think I know that guy who's playing the rhythm guitar but forgot his name. Just wondering, is that the sound quality you recorded straight from your camera or you merge the video with the sound they recorded in studio?