Darren & Janet

One of the reasons I flew back home to Kuching over the week was to be the official photographer for my cousin Janet's wedding. It was on 4th June 2011, a full day event, starting with the church ceremony at St Peter's Church at Padungan and Dinner that ended at Kingwood Inn. It was a long day, but I felt very privileged and honored to be able to contribute in whatever way I can.

I shall only display a selected few photographs to display on this entry. For more photographs, kindly visit the online album here: Darren Luff and Janet Yong Preview

All photographs were taken with Olympus E-5 and 11-22mm F2.8-3.5, or 50mm F2 Macro, or 8mm F3.5 fisheye. Flash FL-36R was used most of the time.

This was the first time I brought back almost all my gear, including two bodies (E-5 and E-520), the flash and all my lenses. Initially I only thought of bringing back the PEN E-PL1 if I was not the photographer for the wedding. Nonetheless, having done dozens of wedding for strangers and feeling the never-ending flow of happiness every couple, I just cannot pass on this opportunity to photograph my own cousin's happiness. Our families are close, and we went all the way back during our childhood days. I thought that photographing your own relatives wedding (especially those that are close to you) would be a lot more meaningful, and beautiful at the same time !!

I have not seen Janet since 7 years ago, before I left to Perth for my tertiary studies. Janet is currently based in the UK. Therefore our holidays never coincided with each other, and I have not saved up enough cash to fly all the way to England. Janet and Darren, her husband, coming all the way home to Kuching, is the perfect opportunity for me to catch up with them, before God knows when again will we ever meet up.

I have not photographed any weddings in Kuching before, and this marked my first wedding entry in Kuching. I have also never visited St Peter's church. The lighting was rather dim, and having windows surrounding the church only meant one very huge problem: backlit. Composition must be done carefully to avoid strong backlit condition. The ample and wide windows allowed significant amount of sunlight into the church, but the ceiling was fixed with halogen/flourescent light, which was shining from top to bottom. Therefore, I have a mix lighting of two different source, and colours, and the outcome on the skin tone was not very pleasant. I decided to employ the enternal flash to counter this problem, to achieve better balanced colour rendition (especially the skin tone), to counter some backlit situations and also to enhance the overall exposure control. I shot the flash with high ISO (around 1000 to 1600)to gather in more ambient light.

It was indeed a special day for Darren and Janet. Congratulations to both of you, and may your journey in life together be filled with never-ending happiness and prosperity. Stay cheerful, and beautiful, always !!


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