In the midst of all the dramas and traumas due to work and life, a glass or two of happy juice can really save the day.

Life is too short to spend on worries. Whatever will be, will be. We will cross the bridge when we come to it.

Now, cheers !!


  1. Rob, I thought you were looking forward to the new PEN sensor, with more megapixels. It seems that Olympus is still using 12MP. In my opinion it is GREAT news. With 12 MP they can improve Dynamic Range, which is the most important thing for whole system IMO. I'm looking forward to 1-2 stop better highlits retention.

  2. Bartosz,
    Indeed if the rumors are true, it would be a great news for Olympus users. The New sensor would be a welcome, it is about time they finally replace the outdated one. If they are creating a new sensor, for sure the dynamic range will be improved. Lets not get ahead and be too hopeful and wait for the actual PEN.

  3. Yes, let's wait for the official announcment :) Exciting times for sure!