The Camera That You Can Swallow

Olympus has a long history and strong footing in the medical industry, producing some of the most advanced optical and microscopic equipments that only proved their superiority in terms of optics specialty.

I have a chance to come across the Olympus Endoscopic Wireless Pill Camera.

Mr Tan, Managing Director of Olympus Malaysia holding the camera pill.

Yes, it is a pill, it can be eaten, and it is also a wireless camera. I did some research online and found that the endoscopic wireless pill camera was first introduced by Olympus in 2004, unbelievable !! They already had such advanced technology back then it felt like the digital photography world is merely catching up.

Some interesting specifications: "It measures 26×11 mm and will capture 2 frames per second for 8 hours on the built-in battery, or 5 frames per second using radio supplied electricity. Each capsule contains a sophisticated magnetic control mechanism that can maneuver on the X, Y and Z axis for complete control when navigating inside the body."

Seriously, radio supplied electricity? Whoah !! Considering the pill is going within a human body where the sun does not shine, I am sure it came equipped with on board special lighting too, perhaps a tiny torchlight or flash of some sort.

Perhaps one day, I will have a chance to swallow an Olympus camera. How cool would that be?


  1. How cool would that be? Well, 37 degree Celsius, if you are in a healthy manner...

  2. Eric from Edmonton Alberta6/27/2011 05:10:00 AM

    As a health care professional working in an intensive care environment, weve been using this kind of technology for the past several years especially when it was still in its trial stage. The Olympus brand is well known in the medical field as a tool for diagnosis and management of diseases. No wonder they produce precise, wonderful and sharp images inside and outside the body! ")

  3. "Perhaps one day, I will have a chance to swallow an Olympus camera. How cool would that be?"

    Hey, just swallow your E-520. With a couple lenses too.

    ;) -C.Tan

  4. Eric,
    Wow you are in the medical field !! Great that you have come across the technology, it must have been really encouraging to know that those advanced technologies are being transferred to the photography world in Olympus. Yes the lenses are superbly sharp.

    C.Tan? Which Tan is this, sorry I have too many Tans as friend.
    My 520 I still need to use la, cannot simply swallow ahahaha. It will always have a special place in my heart, not my tummy.

  5. Radio powered electricity is a very old technology. The person who came up with this was Tesla, the father of electricity and tesla coils. :D It was his dream to power the world tru wireless.

    Unfortunately, being a Russian which was the USSR back then.. and with the US.. well u know what happened XD

    anyway, it's awesome!! and i'm wondering how they navigate it around with magnetic hmmm

  6. Come on, Robin!!! Show us some new photography series! :) Can't wait for Olympus announcment on 30 june...

  7. Robin, I have had 9 endoscopies and 3 colonoscopies...all using Olympus scopes! And I never remembered any of them. Even my GI doctor uses Olympus, how cool is that! And he makes way more than I do.

  8. Hey Jian,
    Damned canggih right? Yeah I know tesla, he was in the movie where Batman and Wolverine were in together.

    Hey Bartosz,
    Patience !! They will come soon enough.

    Thanks !

    Hello Carl,
    Wow, it was great knowing that Olympus is reliable and trustworthy enough to go into our bodies safely, and still does its imaging purposes efficiently. I guess a lot of people missed out the fact that Olympus has always been ahead in the optical field.

  9. Bartosz & Robin,

    Ya. Can't wait for Robin's review on something new. My impulse tells me something new is coming. Haha......

  10. Robin, you have an e-mail from me!

  11. Hello Xuenphotoz,
    it is coming indeed, very soon.

    Your questions will be answered shortly, have patience my friend !!

  12. Please anyone can tell me there is a pill camera available in Johor Bahru or Penang hospital? Please help. I am trying to get my mom to the checkup. She is vomitting regularly

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