Affair with D7000

I was out having a drink with Chun Chow, who has just newly acquired his Nikon D7000, a handsome beast I must say. What, I cannot say anything nice about any other cameras besides Olympus is it? I may love Olympus, but I do think highly on other manufacturers too.

In Old Town Cafe, well, to be honest there was nothing much to play with. But still we found ourselves clicking away. It was indeed a great fun shooting with D7000, a highly regarded and respected camera from Nikon. Hence, before we knew it, I was clicking away with it, and brought back the images with me in my own SD card.

D7000, shot with E-PL1 at ISO2500

Chun Chow and his sexy D7000. Shot with E-PL1 at ISO3200

Me and M9 from the previous entry.

One of the few remaining pieces of Perth.

So cute and adorable.

Taken by Chun Chow, nice reflection !!! Noise grain was intended in post processing.

No, I wont write what I think about the camera, or how it fares in comparison with other camera systems. I just wanted to try it out, and have fun with it. And yes I did have great fun, and that was all that matters. Sometimes, I do wish all the gear-bashing and measurebating can come to an end, and people just start shooting more and more instead.

Who cares what camera is in your hand, if it is a camera, start clicking it !!


  1. Very dissapointing colors, Robin. Especially skin tones. This is a grat weakness of D3100, D5100 and D7000.

  2. Eric from Edmont6/26/2011 05:54:00 AM

    It would have been nIce to know your personal hands on experience of the Nikon D7000 coming from an Olympus user. Nikon is probably my second choice if I'm gonna invest in another system. I've used their D700, a 12MP full frame sensor produced by Sony a few months ago and all I can say is that this camera delivers whether it's day light or low light. if I'm not mistaken, Olympus used to have a full frame transfer CCD sensor on their E300, E500, & of course the legendary E1. They maybe low on MP race but man they produce excellent photographs, noise control, and good DR and ISO performance. Maybe Olympus can get a hold of the d700 sensor from Sony and optimize it for the dslrs as Nikon are not using it anymore on their dslr. That would be really sweet!

    Looking forward to your next. Excellent photos as always whatever camera you use!

  3. Bartosz,
    the lighting condition was very difficult, and as you can see some photos taken with E-PL1 (first two) also suffer in terms of colours.

    hello Eric,
    I will only give my comments after I have done extensive shooting with the camera. That was only a short encounter, snapping less than 20 photos, in a horribly lit cafe at night.
    Nikon is a capable system, no doubt, many of my friends using it have very little complains.

  4. I'm with you Robin. Some drive Honda, some drive Toyota. When I go to PPA Print competitions there are images done with all kind of cameras, even film, even no camera but computer! In the end we all look at the images and their judgings not knowing what camera made the winning image and not caring either. I really like my E-5, my E-3 and my c-7070 because they work really well for me, especially the great lenses, which is really what make these cameras shine. I would like a EP series camera though. You have pretty much sold me buddy. Keep up the great images.

  5. Hello Carl,
    Thanks for the compliments, and you were right, camera does not matter when it comes to the heart of photography. Choice of camera is entirely based on individual preference and shooting style.
    You should consider getting a PEN, but do wait a little while longer. Something exciting and explosive is cooking up in Olympus oven.

  6. I wish you will give us your take on the D7000 camera.

    Anyway, it will be your own personal and hands-on experience with this camera.

    Why fear or the hesitation ? Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Right ?

    8 ) 8 >

  7. hello Peanut,
    I did not comment much because I only briefly played with the camera for a while, that was not enough to make any useful comments out of it. I will need a full shooting session with it out in real life situations, then I can give you my hands on review.
    If I do have the time, I will do so. I will keep this in mind. Thanks for requesting.