Uniqlo Media Opening @ KLCC with Local Celebrities !!!

Side Note: All photographes were taken with Olympus PEN E-PL1 with 14-42mm F3.5-5.6 kit lens. External flash Olympus Fl-36R was used for all the celebrities shots.

I got off work rather late this evening, making my way to the KLCC (Twin Towers) to kill time and to meet a dear friend Allen later in the evening. Little did I know there was a huge event going on at the center court, the Media Opening for Uniqlo Malaysia's second store at KLCC shopping center. For the opening night itself, Uniqlo managed to pool in an incredible line-up of local celebrities, including: Ella, Stacy, Yasmin Hani, Alex Yoong, Dr Sheikh Muszaphar and Josiah Ng. To be honest, I do not exactly know/recognize all of them (faces), heh, me not being a total follower of local entertainment scenes.

In case some of you do not know what Uniqlo is, well, it is a leading fashion retail store all the way from Japan. The first store was opened at Farenheit 88 in November 2010.

KLCC by night.

I wished I had my Olympus E-5 with me at the time, with my 50mm macro and the tele lens 40-150mm which would have been perfect to cover the stage event. Nonetheless I arrived a little too late, and the fashion shows on runways were already coming to an end. Not all was lost, because the celebrities still lined up to be photographed at the Uniqlo photo-corner. Now I can really see why, and how having a PEN with me all the time can be very, very handful. This is one of those most unexpected photo-opportunities, which I must have missed out if I did not have PEN with me.
Therefore, I attacked the celebrities with my humble cute little Olympus PEN E-PL1, fitted with the 14-42mm F3.5-5.6 kit lens, and of course, my trusty external flash, the Olympus FL-36R. The ambient light was really dim, not exactly favourable for people photography, hence the use of flash to maintain accurate exposure and good skin tone colour was necessary. I could not stand at the center facing the celebrities front on, but just shoot at the side all the time, because the center place was dominated by the official photographers, and I did not want to get in their way. I wish i was standing at the center to grab more eye contact, and better composition opportunities. However, I must realize my place as a passerby, and respect the official photographers, not to overstep their jobs and get into their line of fire. With such limitations, I did what I can with my cute little PEN.

Note: I could be wrong in naming the celebrities, so do correct me if there are mistakes.

Angie Ng

Dennis Lau  and Deborah Henry

Deborah Henry

Josiah Ng and Yasmin Hani

Yasmin Hani.

Alex Yoong and Ella !!!


Ella is so sporting !!!!

The output was not exactly as I have desired, but it was obviously better than anything one can expect to be produced by a compact camera. Yes, it was nowhere near DSLR quality, but in such situations, PEN was an carry-everyday camera, ever-ready for action anytime. The focusing was suffering in dim light situation, and the celebrities did not exactly stay still all the time as they changed poses and this was a challenge for the focusing system of the PEN. The PEN worked flawlessly with the FL-36R external flash. I did not feel out of balance at all, and this was important, because the FL-36R is significantly smaller in size, and lighter in weight, just nice for a PEN. The overall photographs were slightly underexposed, but a little compensation during post-processing did the trick.

The flash photography in this session was nothing near perfection. I chose to use flash because of poor available light, being too dim and having strong yellow cast. Using the flash maintained good colour balance especially for the skin tone, as well as overall exposure and brightness (as fill light). Having the people standing so near the wall only introduced a few more problems, harsh shadows at the back. No proper diffusing/bouncing method resulted in harsh highlights on the faces (oily spots) which was not really good. Yes, there can be a list of probably a dozen more things to complain, but I still think the photographs did not turn out too bad at all. 

It was not an everyday thing to see so many local celebrities come together to promote an event/product. I was lucky to be at the right time and at the right place. Sometimes, the world is smiling with you. I wish I could have gotten the autograph of Ella though, have quite loved her songs since I was really young. I am sure I will have more chances to meet her again in public settings like this in the future.

After the event, Allen arrived and we went for a quick drink, before having a quick snap around the KLCC Twin Tower night scene. Allen, you should have come earlier !!!


  1. The last picture is really nice. Good use of flash, nice exposure.

  2. Robin,

    The first picture gets a BIG 10+ !!!


  3. Bartosz,
    My friend says thanks !!

    Thanks mate !!!

  4. LOL - I didn't know you're an Ella fan :P

    Anyway, the hot chick you're looking to be named is Ms Deborah Henry, Miss Malaysia sometime back I think... and spotted MTV VJ Utt in the last shot :)

    But celebs aside, it's awesome that you embodied the 'the best camera is the one you have with you at the time' - does not matter if it ain't hardcore DSLR, what matters is we are continuously shooting regardless what gear we have with us :)

    Like the rest, thumbs up for the Twin Towers shot - one of my all time fave skyscrapers, even after seeing a heck lot more all around the world during my globetrotting adventures. Photowalk soon!

  5. Huey Yoong,
    Thanks so much for the compliments!! Also thanks for identifying one of the celebrities, will update it later when I amback to my desktop.
    Yes yes shooting soon. When and where? We still need to collect our "debts" from those two haha

  6. That's Deborah Hendry [in beige top & skirt] & Yasmin Hani [in white top & legging] with Josiah Ng ;)

  7. What !?!?!?!?! How come I didnt know got such event !?!?!?!?!

  8. Gerald, I thought you are uniqlo's no 1 fan? What happened? Lol

  9. good dinner ruined it :p

  10. Hi Robin,

    I love your photos. I do owned an epl1, and I would like how is it looks like when the FL36R mount on it.

  11. Gerald,
    YOU ruined it, ahahaha. Poor Uniqlo, being dumped by gerald.

    hey Wilson,
    Thanks for the compliments mate !!
    It does look a little awkward, but the FL-36R itself is really much smaller and lighter than most other flash on the market. Maybe I would post up a photo of my PEN with the flash mounted on it one day ahaha.

  12. sangat chantik maaa!! =)

  13. do you have Stacy AF6 pictures of uniqlo launching? can u post it?

  14. hello C. M. Ansibin,
    Sorry I do not have them, she did not come up to the photographer's corner though.