Thian Jin and E-5

I have made friends with many interesting people lately. One of them is Thian Jin, who has just recently purchased the Olympus E-5, and if you were there to see him in person, you can  unmistakenly feel overwhelming amount of joy bursting out from his facial expression. Such intense happiness can only be reflected by following shutter therapy session, which he asked me to join him at the Zoo Negara.

Thian Jin shooting with Olympus E-5 and 70-300mm F4-5.6.
Taken with E-5 and 40-150mm F3.5-4.5.

I saw the glorious morning light shining down on him, creating an ethereal aura surrounding him, highlighting his hair and of course, the E-5 and 70-300mm. The harsh glow at the top of the 70-300mm F4-5.6's lens hood was the perfect icing on the cake. Thian Jin did not even realize I snapped this shot. It was as if the Olympus gear received some sort of blessings from the heavens !! Alright, I am on imagination overdrive mode, but do forgive me, for the weekend is almost over.

Sometimes, simple lighting works best. Observing, understanding the quality and direction of light really helped to improve photography. I am still very, very new to this genre, and boy, do I wish to venture deeper into people/portraiture photography !!


  1. This is one Awesome shot taken. I love the lights, the sharpness, details and everything. Truly i am happy cause the possession of E-5 is a blessing I have since I started photography.

    I am glad to make many friends from photography. We all learn form each other.

    Thanks Robin!

  2. Hey TJ,
    Thanks for the compliments. We shall have more photography outings !!

  3. Hi Robin,

    Received the 50mm Macro
    My first test ;-)

    kind regards

  4. Hello rick!!
    I am glad you have acquired that 50mm macro!! I am sure you will fall deeply in love with it.

  5. Bartosz Dawidowski5/09/2011 05:45:00 PM

    Hey, Rob! What do you think about my new photo:

  6. Hello Bartosz,
    Great photo of your hometown !! I really love the golden light and the shadow casted by the pole.

  7. Thank you, I really aprreciate your opinions! I would be great if you had a Flickr account - that way we could comment easily on your different photos. :) It's often hard to do so, when you post many photos in one blog thread.

  8. You are welcome Bartosz.
    The reason why I present my photos in a blog is because I believe my photos are usually in a series. Each photo is connected to the next and they do not stand alone.

  9. Lighting. I learned its important through a photoshoot with the gang last year at the old court house. The sun was out, and somehow, the some leaves became our lighting equipment. Thats when I realize, "Wow.. so ths is how they do it, and why they need to have lights when taking a photo."

  10. Hello Cyril,
    indeed the lighting is a very important component not to be skipped in photography !!

  11. For me light is EVERYTHING in photography. Subject is rarely important. LIGHT is everything :)

    BTW, lots of your readers have contacted me on Flickr! :)

  12. Hello bartosz,
    as much as I agree that light is important, I believe the subject content is as important. it is not only about how we shoot, but what we shoot really matters. Glad to know my readers are flocking over to your flickr!!

  13. You know, I have to ask one thing about this portrait of your friend. While this is a good picture one thing is keeping it from achieving excellency. Heavily blown highlights in his shirt. Wasn't there a way to preserve this highlight in pp?

  14. Bartosz,
    I was never concerned about highlight clipping. I purposely included clippings on both highlight and shadow region to add that extra depth and dimension. I know you are big on better dynamic range, but I feel that maintaining too much details can result in a flat and unflattering outcome. Just my personal preference. I have mentioned before, I like my black to be purely black.

  15. An idea for next blog entry: it would be interesting to hear more about how you post-process your photographs :) Just a thought.

  16. Hello bartosz,
    There is nothing special about my post processing really:
    1) A little cropping if required, usually I prefer not to crop
    2) White balance/colour cast correction
    3) Overall exposure tweak (usually very minor)
    4) Boosted contrast and saturation, depending on my mood, sometimes I leave the image as it is, but I do love my image to be contrasty and punchy

    there are times I apply a little touch up on faces (remove pimples, wrinkles etc etc) but as you know I do not do portraits a lot.

  17. How is this Olympus E-5? It is a good DSLR? I want to buy a new camera but i don`t know what to choose, do you have any advices for me?

  18. Hello solisti,
    kindly address your questions by email to me at
    may I also know what you intend to shoot, your budget for the dslr system and why and how have you decided to consider the olympus E-5.