Pudu with Primes

Shutter therapy resumes on the weekends, and this time I was accompanied by the infamous Jasonmumbles. There is just something awesome about going out really early in the morning (though losing sleep is not awesome at all) walking along the streets, breathing in the life and energy from the busy people crowding all over the place with all sorts of morning activities. I always feel alive and re-energized after each session of walkabout session, no matter how many times I have done so, or no matter how many times I have shot the same street. The street may be the same, but it is different each time I visit, and I get different sets of photographs too. Possibilities are endless on the streets, that is the miraculous thing about street photography.

All images in this entry were taken with Olympus E-5 and Zuiko Digital 8mm F3.5 Fisheye or 50mm F2 Macro lens.

Jason Lioh with his awesome gigantic lens. You can shoot through brick walls with that lens.

Hakka noodles at Pudu.
Every great shutter therapy session starts with a great breakfast.

The beautiful mess by the roadside.

A broken basket.

A wheel on the road.

Pleasant morning talk.

Holding hands.

Morning coffee.

Waste of electricity.

Steamed chicken.

Green ingredients.

I must admit, I have slowly, but surely evolved in my shooting style. When I started DSLR photography, I have always thought of staying with zoom lenses. I do treasure the flexibility and versatility of having zoom capabilities, and I know there are times nothing can really replace zoom lenses. Nonetheless, not that I know how it happened, I have become a prime shooter. Now I actually prefer to go to the streets with my two fixed focal length lenses, the 8mm F3.5 Fisheye and the 50mm F2 macro. I am not saying which is better, prime versus zoom lenses, but the current preference would be primes. After getting used to the focal lengths of the lenses (yes, you need time to fully understand your gear, like any other things about camera settings/features) I did find myself moving my feet automatically for composition and framing.

Well, generally I do not really agree with the whole statement about shooting with primes will make a better photographer or improve your creativity. So what, shooting with zooms will make you a lesser and not so creative photographer? Such non-sense, really.

You have got to admit, those two lenses, the 8mm and 50mm are really great lenses, coming from the 4/3 Olympus Zuiko High Grade lenses line-up.

Baby at the back.

Securing the goods

Emotional morning.


Kids by the market
Dramatic Tone Art Filter applied to counter the strong backlight condition.

Choices of Spices


Blinds made of wood.

Walking difficulties.
Hip Shot.

Lounging out in the open.
Hip Shot.

Now that I have been using both E-PL1 alongside with E-5 more often, I found more and more dissimilarities amongst the two cameras. The E-PL1 colours come out flatter and more neutral in comparison to the E-5. Somehow, I found the E-5 colours more punchy and lively. Not exactly a good thing, depending on personal taste and preferences, on each camera. I rarely find the need to tune much of the colours from the E-5, and they look great by themselves. I personally would opt for the E-5 output, I have always favoured saturated and contrasty images. I need more sense of depth, I want the three-dimensional feel in my photograph. I want my images to look strong and catchy. Above all, I want my images to exhibit that famous Olympus colours.

The shutter therapy session ended with coffee and donut.

Weekend has just started, and I can't wait to dive in my subsequent planned activities. Stay safe everyone, and make sure you guys do some shutter therapy too.


  1. That's a BIG gun!

    Primes are nice to have, when you're on street. ^^ I kinda like to shoot with primes too, but occasionally, I still find myself swapping prime to my tele zoom once a while.

  2. Hello Allen,
    BIG gun indeed !! Buy buy buy eheheh
    Zoom lenses are important, no doubt. I guess it is a matter of preference, and individual shooting style.

  3. Thanks for the great 50mm pics I Love them. From Monday I have a week vacation... will try the 50mm then.

  4. Hello Rick,
    Thanks a lot !! I am sure you will be making lots of wonderful images with the 50mm. It is my favourite lens.