Opening to a New World

Does the Government choose whom to govern, or do the people choose who their Government is?

Does a singer decide who listens to his/her songs, or do the fans decide who their favorite singer is, and what songs they love?

Can a Chef claim his own food to be delicious, if the people tasting his food have dissimilar opinions?

Now, tell me which one is more valid: do photographers get to choose who to view their photographs, or do the viewers get to choose what photographs they want to view?

Fishing village at Pangkor Island, near the Main Jetty.
Taken with Olympus PEN E-PL1 with 14-42mm F3.5-5.6 kit lens.

Art is an OPEN form, and it should not be held down by restrictions. The restrictions include who you choose to shoot with, who you choose to exchange opinions with, and who you choose to hang out with. May it be gearheads, may it be measurebators, may it be people chasing commercial success, or just a plain simple hobbyist who just want some good old shutter therapy sessions. Everyone picked up the camera for all sorts of reasons. Even if it is not the same reason for you, does it really matter?

I read this somewhere over the internet, and I cannot agree more with the statement.

"If you separate the photo from the artist, and the average 'uneducated' reaction is that the photo sucks... Well, they're right.

It'd be nice to get away from the cult of fame in art, and judge works on their own merits, rather than the artists."

It is a strong reminder to myself, that I must not close myself off from the society, live in my own little world, and be selfish about art.


  1. Why is there no sea water in the picture? :) It looks like a little like a swamp terrain.

  2. Bartosz, this is probably the landward side of the pier. And at low tide, the ground is muddy, not covered by sea.

    Robin - excellent keeper - there are photos of this type of scene, heck, I have shot mine as well but this is a standout interpretation - good singers know how to sing the song.

  3. Bartosz,
    It was low tide. I know it does not represent the sea side but I like the composition on this photo. The framing of the doors and the leading line of the platform to the village houses.

  4. Ananda,
    Thanks !! I must remind myself that sometimes I am out of tune, and not sing to my own little limited audience only.

  5. Sangat dalam. Very deep, Robin. Also very timely I must say.

  6. Hello Santo,
    Its not that complicated, just a simple reminder to myself that I must remain open minded and humble, thats all. I must have over-elaborated on some points maybe.

  7. Robin,

    Spot on, man. Just be happy shooting, shouldn't let people judgment gets in the way. I shot a lot of photos of my wife & daughter, & hardly anything artistic in anyway, but I like it.

    To me, photography is a very interesting hobby that brings leisures. I disagree with photographers who exaggerate photography more than it deserves.

  8. Hello Choon Wee,
    Thanks for reaffirming the thoughts put forth in the entry. It is very true many photographers are trying too hard to make out something from their photos that are not even there. I agree photography is interesting, both as a hobby and leisure.