Long Saturday Adventures

I have had a very, very long day out today, traveling to quite a few places. It started with a glorious morning with beautiful clear sky hence I immediately made my way to my usual street hunting spots and fired away merrily. Missing the Olympus E-5 much, I decided to bring my E-5 with 11-22mm F2.8-3.5 and 50mm F2 macro, and just attacked whatever I found worthy attacking along the way. After using the PEN for quite a while now, I suddenly felt right at home with the E-5, the substantial hand grip wrapped around my hand comfortably, and the E-5 felt as if it was an integrated extension from my body. Shutter therapy begins !!!

I was walking along Chow Kit and little did I know I was actually cutting into the territories of Kampung Baru. Not wanting to make a huge turn back to the same path I took I decided to venture into the realm of Kampung Baru, and walked from there all the way to Dang Wangi, where I decided I have had too much baking under the not so friendly harsh sun. It was nearing afternoon when I stopped shooting, and Malaysian sun is your enemy at this time around.

All following images were taken with Olympus E-5 with 11-22mm and 50mm F2.

All good things come in pairs.
This is probably the shot of the day, I love it so much.

Empty Bottle on an Empty Street.

EON Bank


Odd combination for a snack.
Dramatic Tone Art Filter applied. Gosh I miss this filter sooooooo much !!

A village in a city
Dramatic Tone Art Filter applied.

A country having unmatched ambitions and separated by colours.

This probably best summarizes how I feel about life right now.
Dramatic Tone Art Filter applied.

I was supposed to meet up with Mabe and Calvin for dinner earlier tonight. Therefore, not feeling satisfied with the morning shutter therapy session just yet, I decided to go out a little earlier, stopped by Masjid Jamek and attacked the buildings there nearing sunset time before meeting them for dinner. Indeed, the lighting stayed wonderful till sunset time. The side lighting was pleasing for building shots, producing depth and opening up realistic dimensions, making the scene look very 3D. The added warmth of late day sunlight gave the glowing effect, which was really nice. No, I left my E-5 at home this time, and shot the buildings with Olympus PEN E-PL1 instead. Olympus shines with outdoor colours, and the Olympus blue never fails to impress.

The following images were taken with Olympus PEN E-PL1 and 14-42mm F3.5-5.6 mk1 kit lens

Man, check out the infamous Olympus Colors !! I don't exactly get what the wars between Canon and Nikon colours are all about. I have fallen in love with Olympus. I admit, it is still not as good as Kodak Colours, but it is almost as good.

It was almost sunset that I took a train away from Masjid Jamek to KL Sentral to exhange into a bus to take me to Puchong for the dinner meet-up. While on the bus, I was told all the way from Singapore that Mabe and Calvin had their flights delayed, hence we postponed the meet-up to some other day instead. Oh bummer, the bus was already moving too far away from where I took off, but luckily it was passing by Mid Valley. I got off from Mid valley stop and stormed into the Megamall. That was probably the most unexpected thing that happened, but it was just nice and I had my dinner there.

While in Mid Valley, I visited my friend Wenda who was working at Key Colors (one of the favourite local camera shops) and was surprised to find out that he was still following my blog, and knew that I already had a PEN. I immediately asked him if he had anything interesting for my E-PL1 to go with, and he took out a Konica Minolta old manual lens, the 50mm F1.4, which was still in very good condition. With the right mount adapter, I got it fixed on my E-PL1 and started firing away. Gosh, that was one poisonous lens, and the price offered to me was very, very tempting. I almost immediately made the purchase on the spot, but the inner voice in me advised me not to, because I have just spent quite a deal on the PEN, and I still need to recover for that !! I must also stay true to my own principles of getting back to basic, and just staying with the kit lens for the time being.

Why don't lenses just grow on trees? Or fall down from the skies?



  1. I love the first two pictures... realy sharp, no no ... sharper!!

  2. Keep that shutter clicking, Robin! As always there are some really good photos. I agree with you - Olympus knows how to make great, true to life colors. But Fujifilm is another company thah knows how to produce GREAT JPEG (Nikon and Canon are pathethic in comparison when it coms to JPEG files). I've added new photos to my flickr account to back up my claim :) There was no post-processing necessary to achieve such colors.

  3. hey Rick,
    Thanks !!

    Hey Bartosz,
    Thanks for the compliments. Fuji is not exactly a popular choice here locally in Kuala Lumpur, hence I really have not much experience to tell, but from your photos I must agree the JPEG looks great !!

  4. Hi Robin,

    If would like to see some progression from me.. my E-5 experience..


    If you see my first sets all taken in Jpeg ... one off the last set 'Olympus E-5 Koninginnedag 2011' taken in raw.

    Have a nice day.
    I like the olympus colors.

  5. Hello again, Rick,
    Wow, I must say those are really great looking images you have there !! You are doing great justice to the Olympus Colours. Keep your shutter clicking, and keep more images rolling !!

  6. Olympus colours are superb. Good to see the E5 in action again. Though the E5 is heavy to carry all day, it worth its weight in gold. Excellent work!!!

    PS: Tried the Fuji X100 last week. It does produce nice jpegs, good DR and ISO performance but the fixed lens is a let down for such as expensive camera. I have to admit I really like the retro rangefinder looks. It's what an Olympus PEN ought to be with a built is EVF. Hopefully Oly is listening. Would like to see this kind of camera from them.

  7. Hello Eric,
    Thanks so much for the compliments. It was mostly due to the good lighting on clear sky day. Yes, Olympus shines with outdoor colours.
    Fuji X100? I am sure Olympus is listening, trust me. They wont take this "threat" lightly.

  8. "SMS percuma bila jawab pangillan" I think means free incoming SMS. We use "percuma" to mean "in vain" and "cuma-cuma" to mean gratis. If you were to use a film camera and the new film roll did not engage properly, then your shutter therapy session would have been "percuma". Funny how the same words diverged in the 2 cultures!

    Great shots as always, no language barrier there!

  9. Hello santo
    great observation there and good to know how interesting one word can have different meaning at different places. Thanks for the compliments too.

  10. This is the Saturday which I couldn't make it, no? Sorry, mate. I ran out of energy already. :P I just stayed indoor on the final two days.

    Thank you for your hospitality!