Hak Jeng and Sulin: KL Wedding Dinner

Side Note: I was not the official photographer for this wedding. I was attending a friend's wedding, and decided to play along with the E-PL1.

It was my first official invitation to a wedding dinner ever in my life. How ironic, because I have shot quite a number of wedding assignment already as a freelance photographer, but I have not been to one with an invitation addressed directly to my name before this. Hak Jeng, a dear friend whom I have known since my school days in Kuching, had his KL wedding ceremony on 21st May 2011, and I attended the wedding dinner.

I could not help but to notice how happy Hak Jeng was. Seeing him so happy somehow kept me smiling the whole night too. There is just something about seeing a friend’s happiness that is so contagious that it infects you whole-heartedly.

I was not the official photographer, thus for once; I could enjoy the food served in a Chinese wedding. Since there were only a few people on our table (a few empty seats, and a few left in the middle of the dinner) I had more helpings to myself than usual. The food was fantastic. It was great being able to sit down peacefully and enjoyed myself thoroughly throughout the night.

I still brought my PEN along, just in case my hands got itchy and I decided to take some shots. I did not intend to use the camera at all in the first place, but knowing me it was quite impossible for me not to grab a few shots before the end of the night. I stayed far, far away from the official photographers, and made sure I did not get in their way. I would have hated anyone to come in my line of fire when I am doing my job as the official photographer. Therefore, standing not exactly that near, there was only so much I could do with the Olympus PEN.

Great things about the Olympus Pen E-PL1 with 14-42mm mk1 kit lens, and the FL36R combo: great colours, pleasing skin tone, good ISO performance even at ISO1000. However, I was NOT happy with the autofocus performance at all. Lets not go to far from here, because whatever concerns I have with the AF performance of the PEN have been highlighted in my previous entries.

The only photo I had with the newly-weds, but the official photographer screwed it up !! Well, can't exactly blame him, he must have been exhausted shooting the wedding for entire day. On the other hand... could it be the PEN's AF......... never mind.

To Hak Jeng and Sulin, congratulations, and here I am wishing you both all the best in your adventures in life together !!

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