Butterfly Boy Large Print

I was at Olympus Malaysia today, participating in a gathering for the PEN Lovers Malaysia. Upon touring the new office, I was shocked to find one of my photographs which was taken during the Olympus E-5 review sagas on the wall. It was huge, like really huge !! The printed image was TALLER than me, and I am standing at 1.84cm tall. That image would have been at least 2.5m high (estimating from the floor to ceiling height).

Remember this photograph from the opening of my Part 2 Olympus E-5 review about half a year ago?

Here I was standing in front of my large size printed work. It was extra large !!

Interesting notes from the above photograph:

1) It was taken with my Olympus Zuiko 8mm F3.5 Fisheye lens. This lens have been MIA for quite some time, I lent it to a friend in Malacca a month and a half ago, and he returned it to me last night.

2) It was this same photograph (butterfly boy) that earned me this Fisheye Lens.

3) Although the image of me standing next to the image was taken with the fisheye, I applied fisheye correction in Olympus Viewer to turn the image into an ordinary wide angle perspective view.

4) The lighting in this situation was tricky. There was flourescent light from the left, tungsten light in the middle (directly above my head, two spot tungsten lights) and a strong daylight coming from the open door on the right of the frame. I'd say Olympus white balance engine handled the mixture of colours very well.

It was a flabbergasting feeling seeing my own work being displayed in Olympus Malaysia. Also, the quality of print from the E-5, straight from JPEG (I did not shoot RAW for my review works) was nothing short of impressive. The sharpness, the colour and everything were just fantastic. Is 12MP enough for large prints such as this? The answer is absolutely definitely a huge YES !!


  1. congrats robin! yes it is a lovely photo! i can even see the dirt under his fingernails...lol


  2. So you got the mata ikan from Oly Malaysia gratis? Congrats.

    I am very impressed with the de-fish of Oly Viewer - I have tried perspective correction before and sometimes people become shorties but this de-fish seems to work well.

    Mata ikan, ZD? Drool!

    Congrats on an excellent first pic in the first place.

  3. Yes congrats robin, it is realy a perfect picture!!

  4. So, do you still see a need for more than 12 megapixels, Robin? :) 12 MP is enough for alost antyhing, no need for more megapixels! I would hope photo companies would stop this MP nonsense and focus on what is really important to image quality...

  5. Ananda, thanks so much for such kind words. You have always been a huge encouragement to me.
    The fisheye was from Olympus Singapore instead. Ihey used the same photograph of the butterfly boy for their advertising purposes, and the fisheye was offered as a payment to use the photograph.

    ZD, drool indeed !!!

    Thanks mate !!!

  6. Bartosz,
    it is not the argument of need here that I have always been presenting. I agree strongly with you that for most usage, 12MP is more than enough. However, everyone is moving forward, I am sure Olympus can do so, if not even better. Now 12MP is enough, what about tomorrow? I can only testify for now. Many years ago, Intel Pentium 2 computer was the fastest, but where is it standing now? Technology advances, people move along with them. It is not a very wise decision to just stay at one spot.

  7. Amazinngggg!! Loved it Robin! So wanna change my camera...

  8. Norman,
    Thanks !!
    But it is not a fair comparison like that lah dude. My camera is new, hence technologically it is definitely better. But lets not forget, the photographer is more important than the camera !!

  9. Indeed, I am excited for you and am glad that Olympus picked the right picture to enlarge to a human size poster to represent what the Olympus E-5 + Zuiko lens can do; wished they could do more and place them at their retail outlets like I have suggested to best promote the capability of this system on the ground level.

  10. A user of the Olympus photography group on Flickr asked if 16mp from the E-M5 would be enough. I posted the image of you standing next to the E-5 print. I'm sure he'll be convinced.

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