Sunset at Lumut

Side Note:  I am currently away from my usual photo-work computer, and using an old dying laptop. There might be slight inconsistencies in brightness/contrast and colour balance.

I am currently away from Kuala Lumpur for the long weekend, spending time with my colleagues at Swiss Garden Resort in Lumut. So far, the activities lined up for the day have drained me off my biological batteries. For some unknown reasons, I did not feel like firing my shutter at all. I brought along only the Olympus PEN E-PL1 and the kit lens 14-42mm.

I only came back to my room with less than 10 photos, and only one I found usable. It was a sunset shot taken at the beach of the resort. Nothing fancy. I have seen better and more dramatic sunsets before. Nonetheless, it has been a long, long time since I last saw a sunset in the beach.

Nothing, but just an ordinary sunset at Lumut. Taken with E-PL1 and 14-42mm mk1.

I sure hope the days ahead would be more exciting than what we had today. I sure hope that I have better photography opportunities, or be able to find more inspirations and motivations to make that shutter click. Tomorrow, we will be having a half-day trip to Pangkor Island. Lets make sure I come back with more than 20 photos this time, that is not too hard to achieve, right?


  1. This picture has very good contrast/brightness. Nothing to complain about! It would be better if the horizon was straight. I hope you will have a better day tomorrow Robin. Keep looking up, to the skies!

  2. Hey Bartosz,
    Thanks !! Hope the sky is clear enough to look at. Malaysian skies can be constantly ugly at times.

  3. I'm glad you are enjoying your Oly Pen.....These little jewels revitalized me as well....I even bought a refurbased ep1 to go along with me epl 1....I currently use these cameras more than my Nikons and Fuji's...It really gets fun when you start using vintage single focal length glass {with an adapter of course}...

  4. hello snakephoto,
    PEN is indeed a great joy to use !!
    Nonetheless, I am no fan of manual focus and old lenses. Some people love it, but I just cannot find any way to like it. I cannot justify spending money on lenses that could fail me during critical situations (decisive moments, extremely quick response... etc etc).

  5. errr..why the sunset like not ummpphhh..raining n super hot is it at Lumut?

  6. The answer is in the photo. Look: clouds. Colour of the clouds. Formation of the clouds. Sun hiding behind clouds.
    What to expect?