I am a PEN Lover

I should have done this long time ago.

I knew I have always wanted one.

Finally I have the guts to just jump in, and splash myself wet in the world of PENography.

Behold, my newly acquired
Olympus PEN E-PL1

I shall be blogging more about this PEN, my reasons for getting one, and what I think about Olympus PEN system as a whole this coming weekend, when I have more time to go out and do real life shooting.

I believe Micro 4/3 system is the future. If you have not gotten one yourself, what are you waiting for?


  1. welcome to the PEN world..... :-0 amyli

  2. Amy !!
    Long time no see la. Thanks for the welcome, we should go out for shooting more.

  3. awww man, where the fun in that :(

    no more Mr E-5 XD

    anyway welcome ! and no, you shall not use my lenses !! its gone anyway, well one of it :p

  4. Gerald,
    To be honest, I do not like to be called Mr E-5 anyway. That is a label that is telling something about me which I am not: I am NOT defined by the camera, my photography work is NOT defined by the camera.

    Nonetheless, lets go shoot more !!

  5. Unfortunately I still like the ergonomics of the 4/3 series. I was very tempted to get one but I'll probably wait for the Ep3 series instead. My E5 and E30 will serve me well for now. In the meantime I've pre ordered the Fuji X100 from my favorite camera shop. They'll let me play with it without any commitment whatsoever. Hope Malaysia is close to Canada otherwise I would love to go shutter therapy with you when my X100 arrives. Otherwise, congratulations on you new Pen! Looking forward to see it in action from you.

  6. haaa haaa haaaa haaa.... I can't help laughing with joy... our official PEN Lovers photographer is a lover of PEN.... haa haa... :-)

  7. Hello Eric,
    For professional use, and real practical serious shooting, I will stay with E-5, and even the E-520. The substantial grip, longer battery life, faster and more reliable AF are irreplaceable.

    Nonetheless, I will share my reasons on choosing the PEN, and getting one. Will blog about it soon.

    Wow, Canada is far !!! But do find me if you happen to stop by Malaysia somehow. Surely we will have some shutter therapy actions together, you can count on it.

  8. KoonYik,
    I have always loved PEN. Although I did not own one, but it did not mean I did not love PEN.
    I guess it takes time to gather some cash, and some patience to pounce on an opportunity of good offer. Lets go shooting !!

  9. So you are a PENner! Congrats!
    (Penner is a german word for hobo, tramp, bum)
    I´m sure we will not see much difference in the pics you take compared to E5!
    Have fun with your new toy!

    Sven (purchased a used E1 few days ago! The Beast!)

  10. Hello Sven,
    Penner sounds terrible !! ahahah
    Wow, E-1 indeed is the camera with soul, and many people still hold on to it, and it is one of the most sought after Olympus DSLR ever. Congratulations on your E-1, I am sure you will love it !!!

  11. Woot! you got yourself a PEN? Nice!

  12. Nice! Now, you can stab somebody's eyes with this PEN instead of Kilometrico pen. :P

    Why not E-PL2?

  13. Chong,
    hahaha you still remember the kilometrico pen!! That was so long ago. When you free for dinner or shooting again??

  14. Hi Robin,

    I Just sold my Pen P2 a few weeks ago. Used it on our trip to Florida..


    I bought an 14-150mm Pan/leica lens from this money. This will be my travelkit this summer on the E-5and E-620 ;-)

  15. Congratulations to your new camera!
    Hope you will bring back some photographs of Sarawak on its big day. (tomorrow)

  16. Great! As you know, Robin I love compact cameras. I'm sure you'll be able to take better pictures with E-pl1 than E-5, becasue you can always have a PEN with you thanks to its little size and weight!

  17. Wow - didn't know you're such a good product photographer as well :-)

    However, Mitchie, my wife loves her E-PL1, and I'm greatly impressed by its image quality as well. It's at least one stop ahead in high ISO, compared to my E-520 - which I still prefer for the reasons you pointed out already in the comment above.

    But I *will* definitely get her the VF-2 view finder for her camera. I've tried that one last year at Photokina, and it's great.

    The times I envy her? When we're in busy places, and she's happily shooting away with her pen, while I don't even think of getting my cam out of the backpack.

    Be sure to try the Panasonic Lumix 1.7 20mm lens with it - an almost unbeatable combo for the streets IMHO. Wish I had a lens like that for my regular 4/3rds camera!


  18. Hello Rick,
    The PanaLeica 14-150mm is indeed a great lens, an all around zoom from wide to tele, really convenient to have. I am sure it will be a great travel companion.

    Hello Peter,
    Due to work obiligation, I wont be returning to Kuching for the election. I know everyone must be hating me now.

  19. Hello. I'm waiting for faster lenses. And... Lenses with less distortion. The four thirds lenses ate so good, while the micro lenses are expensive but not so good.

    I can't shoot indoors at F 5.6 with these current Oly sensors. Not unless I want to shoot for snapshots only.

  20. Hello Bartosz,
    I disagree, I will be able to take better photos with E-5, due to its power, performance and handling. Also significantly improved image quality.
    However, the PEN will open up a lot of photo opportunities. Yes, it will travel with me more to places that the E-5 wont go, and I will get MORE new photos.

    Hello Wolfgang,
    Thanks for the compliments on the shot !! It is nothing much but a simple low key direct shot.
    Great to hear that your wife enjoys the PEN and is actually making photographs happen as she sees the opportunities. I guess that is one area PEN dictates over DSLR, the usability and portability.

  21. Hello Dana,
    Your sentiments are real, and I agree with them.
    Have you tried the 20mm F1.7 Panasonic? It should allow you to shoot indoors comfortably, with a flexible angle of view on 20mm for general shooting.

  22. Dinner sounds good. Will catch up with you soon. Have fun with your new camera!

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  24. I have not looked at the Panasonic lenses just yet, robin. Been looking at options for a "carry around" camera, and kind of like the GH2, but I like the PEN body style. Ah well, no rush.

    Thanks for blogging, keep up the good work. By the way, the DxO scores, put any stock in them? I keep feeling like I should try a Pentax K5 (if anyone here sold the things but I'm gadget crazy).


  25. Hi -

    Welcome to the fold! :-)

    I've got the EP1 and my younger daughter is arriving in Osaka today and will pick me up a Lumix GF2. This is being offered at one of the large electronic chain stores for about the same price as the 14 f2.5 lens here in Germany, and comes with it as a kit lens.

    The real strength of the Pen series is the usability of 4/3 lenses. Both the 50 f2 and the 12-50 work very, very well on the EP1.

    Grand cameras, these. :-)

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  27. Hey Chong
    Get a PEN !! I know you want to.

    Hey Dana,
    you do know that the panasonic lenses are fully compatible with olympus PEN bodies, right? They both belong to the same system.
    Your earlier requirements were a lens capable of low light shooting, and I believe the panasonic 20mm F1.7 should be a good choice for the job.

  28. Hello John,
    Thanks for the warm welcome !!
    Glad to hear that you are deeply into the micro 4/3 systems. I am enjoying the system thoroughly. Will be sharing more on my coming blog entries soon.