Four PEN Lovers Under Spotlight

There was a plain walled corner, and a single mini-spotlight at a low ceiling. I immediately requested all the guys to stand directly under the spotlight and gently tilted their head upwards. No, I did not really intend to do anything at all, it was a spur of the moment sort of thing that ran across my mind, and I managed to snap this shot with the PEN.

TJ, Mun Keat, Yeow and Gerald.
E-PL1 at ISO1600. Source of light: undiffused small spotlight, from top.

High ISO is looking not too bad, with infamous Olympus faithful colours and unfailing skin tone.

This is what PEN is all about, instant opportunities and being able to capture them with minimal fuss.

I know there is nothing compellingly dramatic in this particular image, but there is something in the spontaneity on the look of their faces that I find intriguing. Or maybe I am just thinking too much.


  1. you are thinking too much ;-0
    Nice shoot by the way..

    Like i said before .. a disposable camera and you ;-)))

  2. Thanks rick!! Yeah I do tend to think too much sometimes

  3. Meow~ waiting for a "cat" to fall down from the sky~~

  4. No need, we already have a cat in the group. One is enough haha

  5. all so smooth skin... using i-portrait mode eh robin?


  6. Mwky,
    so long did not hear from you!!
    Sssshhh don't say so loud haha

  7. Very nice pic, good tonality!