Black Coffee Canyon

The weekend has been sucked dry by chockfull of chores and appointments that on late Sunday afternoon I found myself running out of steam. Then I was asked by Gerald to join him, Yeow and Yong for a dinner. Although I was nearly flattened out, I thought to myself, hey why not just hang out with a cool group of friends instead of being on my own to wrap up the weekend? Just seeing beautiful smiles and hearing heartful laughter are more than enough to lift up my spirit.

The bunch and I met up at the Summit, which is not exactly one of the most popular shopping malls around, probably due to its generously innocuous distance away from the city. However, there are several good food joints in the Summit, and we decided to eat Thai food at the Black Canyon Coffee. We ordered set dinner that consisted of four main dishes, served with rice. The food presentation was rather interesting, with rice shaped into cubes on plates, who would not fancy that?

Gerald, the ever kind fella who is always willing to fetch me to outings and drink sessions, though he lives not exactly very near from my place.

Yong, who also uses an Olympus E-520, and thinks its a great camera !!

The ever friendly Yeow who attacked the KL streets every single week. Who said I was the only one? Hah !!

We loved the food to bits. Yeow claimed that the Tom Yum soup tasted even better than what he had tried in various places of mainland Thailand itself!! On top of the Dinner Set we also had Fishcakes for sides. The fishcakes were pan-fried to perfection, and the texture was neither in the borders of soft and chewy, begging you to crunch it in more and more. Dipping the fishcakes into the sweet Chilli sauce, and I started to wonder if I should order an entire plate just for myself. I would have, if I did not eat Banana Leaf Rice for late lunch earlier with Jasonmumbles.

Iced Lemon Tea, really good !!

Mixed Vegies.

Rice in cubes, cute right?

Tom Yum Soup.

Stir-Fry chicken with Chilli and Vegies

No idea what this dish is but it has chicken with mushrooms.

Fishcakes !!!

Since I did not have time for my usual shutter therapy for this weekend (hectic life these days) I decided to bring my E-5 and the 50mm out for a spin. If any of you had followed my blog since its early days, you would have known the fact that I am a food lover, and I do love to photograph food. Accumulatively, I still have more food-related entries than any other blog posts. Food photography is a genre by itself, and it is gaining popularity amongst the younger photographer’s crowd. I should be attacking the food with my camera more and more, and start to get back to the few core reasons why I picked up the camera in the first place.

We were actually sitting outside of the Restaurant, at the side of the walkway just by the glass window panels partitioning the restaurant. The lighting was very dim, but pleasingly even. There were orange and brown casts in the source of light (something in the cross of tungsten and a kind of warm fluorescent) but the Auto White Balance handled the colour balance very well. In such dim situation, having the 50mm F2 Macro lens was a huge advantage. However, due to the dim lighting, I still needed to push the ISO setting to 1000 to achieve adequate shutter speed. On the plus side, the macro lens was able to achieve sufficient bokeh (blur background) and get really close to the food.

Yeow's cup of coffee, served with a small glass of Chinese Tea

My Glass of Mexican Coffee, yummy !!

Love their custom designs.

After dinner, we had coffee, since the place is famed for its coffee. I must say, their coffee is admirable. I have never really found anything outstanding about Starbucks or Coffee Bean, besides the fact that both of them are ridiculously over-priced. Seriously, RM12 for iced coffee? Overkill is an understatement. The coffee at Black Canyon Coffee is priced way below RM10, and Yeow recommended the Iced Mexican Coffee, which was served in a stylish boot-shaped tall glass. The iced coffee was poured in by the layers, hence you get very nice mix of different colour shades from the dark brown coffee at the bottom of the glass to the light yellowish milk at the top. Alright, alright I admit it I almost ordered the drink just for the sake of the boot-shape glass itself. Nevertheless, the coffee was splendid, and it was thick enough to give me that little kick in the head.

As if the evening was still young, the bunch did not intend to end it just yet, and stormed into the cinema to watch “Source Code” instead. I did not have any expectations or prior knowledge on anything about the movie before going in. I must admit, the movie did impress me, and I enjoyed myself throughout the whole screening. The storyline itself was very well laid-out, while the idea behind the whole movie was thought-provoking, questioning different outlooks in life and humanity itself. The acting could have been better though, there were many emotional scenes involved, but I just could not feel that sting in my heart. On the whole, it was indeed a great movie, very worth a watch if you have not done so.

Yeow and his Lomo.

So what have you guys done for the weekend? For me, good food, good coffee, great coffee, awesome company and add a little camera action to that, I am gold.


  1. Realy super Nice photo's Robin, what I did this weekend?
    We went to The 'Keukenhof'... in the Netherlands, beautiful at this time of the year. A must see!!

  2. Hello Rick,
    Thanks so much for the compliments !!
    Love the flowers in the photos you took, was it a flower festival? Very lively photos, wish I was there too.

  3. Hi Robin,

    The Keukenhof is indeed a flower festival, wich is at his best at this time of the year.

    This is the website.

    You will like this event!

  4. Hi Robin,

    that is some pretty good food photography, which reminded me of several things:

    1. There's a "Summit" in Batu Pahat as well, also a great place.

    2. The best Tom Yum I ever had was also the first one - somewhere on the street between Batu Pahat and Kluang, close to Simpang Renggam. Wow everything was hot, not only the weather ;-)

    3. The 50 Macro is great! Love to use it on my E-520...

    4. Don't ask the prices of our Starbucks coffee around here.

    cheers from Germany,

  5. Hello Rick,
    Wow, the flower festival looked really grand and very well organized. The flower festival in Malaysia is really pale and pathetic in comparison.

    Hey Wolfgang,
    Thanks for the compliments !!!
    1) Batu Pahat is a really great place with many photo-opportunities. I have only been there once, and now planning to visit there again purely for photography.
    2) i have not tried enough tom yum to comment which one is good.
    3) Indeed, the 50mm is a great lens, on ANY olympus camera bodies !! I used the 50mm on my 520 for quite a long time, and I loved every single moment with it.
    4) Is the price of starbucks there that scary?

  6. "Is the price of starbucks there that scary?"

    Well if you count 1 Ringgit as approximately 0.2 to 0.25 Euro, and then consider that our prices in Euro are equal to yours in Ringgit - then you have the price as 4-5 times higher...