Thursday, March 17, 2011

Walking Downwards

Everyone is struggling to climb their ways up, higher and higher. Were they driven by ambition, or was it really foolish pride? Don't you get tired of all that climbing? Why do you yearn to touch the sky that much?

Sometimes, the best way out is going down. Hence, falling may not be such a bad thing after all. There is also light underneath it all. You just have to find the right stairs and walk through it. All it takes, is to set aside your pride and lower yourself down, and you will see, there is life there too.

Shot in an abandoned building in Dang Wangi. Olympus E-5 with Zuiko 8mm F3.5 Fisheye.
Distortion correction processed. Dramatic Tone Art Filter applied.

Won't you walk down the stairs with me?


  1. Distortion processing? Can you elaborate on that? I've been tempted by that lens, but the curvature effects keep driving me away...

  2. Robin,
    I'm so happy! I just bought the E3 and the 12-60mm lens at a steal of a price! I wanted the E5, but couldn't afford it. I decided to wait, practicing more with the kit 14-42 lens that came with my E620. I'd really begun to feel at hone with it (keeping with your "going down stairs theme") when this became available. Indeed, I went down stairs, became happy there, and now I am UP!

    I had to tell you! I knew, of all people on Earth, you would understand my joy. :D. Cheers!!

  3. Hello John,
    The fisheye distortion correction was performed using the original Olympus Viewer 2 software (available for download on their official site), there is an option in the image editing "fisheye correction", I just checked that option, and it automatically corrected the fisheye effect into an ordinary looking ultra aide angle image. However, do note that the barrel distortion is being replaced with perspective distortion, which can be really unfavorable in most photographs (especially dealing with people). Chromatic abberation problems will be amplified, and the image will suffer more corner softness.

  4. Hey Funkye,
    Thanks mate !!

    Hello Yerttle,
    So glad you purchased the legendary E-3, and a 12-60mm lens. The E-3 is still very capable on today's standards, and the 12-60mm is just a marvelous and versatile lens. It is really sharp, and you have a little bit of wide angle and telephoto combined into one lens, a great one !!
    Now do go out and shoot more with your new equipments. I am sure your camera and lenses are begging you to do so.