Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Stanley & Tracy: Actual Day Wedding

Thanks to a dear friend and photographer, Kenn Wai, I had a wedding job to shoot last weekend. This was my first time shooting a wedding with my new Zuiko 8mm 3.5 fisheye, and boy, did I find a lot of use for that lens in an actual day wedding coverage !! It was indeed a very versatile tool, and it added drama to my wedding photography.

I was stationed at the bride's side, while Kenn was at the groom's side in the morning.

It was a joyous day, full of great fun, joy, laughter and heartfelt warmth from the newly wed's happinness. It was an honor being there to capture the beautiful moments. I shall share the few of my own favourites in this entry.

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I found myself really enjoying myself shooting this particular wedding. I have one more wedding to attack, which is this coming weekend. I am getting excited already, and can't wait for it to come.


  1. Wonderful images Robin. Glad to see you are using the fisheye as you have gotten some great images here. You have picked up right away that you can get real close for very dramatic things. Do you use the same f stop setting or vary? I like the shallow depth of field in some of your closeups. If I ever get married again you'll have to fly to the US.

  2. Thanks so much for the kind words carl!

    I shot the fisheye mostly at wide open for the wedding assignment, because I want to achieve the fastest shutter speed posible.

    Wow flying to the US? I dont think I can measure up to the photogtaphers there!!

  3. You are very humble Robin! I hope you stay that way. You are indeed better than you give yourself credit for. I always look forward to your posts even though I don't do weddings anymore, good inspiration and to see your culture.