Thursday, March 24, 2011

Silhouette of a Beggar

I was standing in a position against a very strong sun light, and it was almost impossible to achieve decently balanced image, even so with the limited dynamic range on my old Olympus E-520. Armed with the 40-150mm F3.5-4.5, I decided to shoot the silhouette of the beggar instead. The scene was calling out to me, and I just could not pass by without snapping a shot, though the technical execution was far from perfect.

When was the last time you spare some coins, or buy a street beggar a nice, warm meal?

If this question makes you feel awkward and you ought to walk with me along Kuala Lumpur streets. It will open your eyes, wide.


  1. Robin, I want to thank you for this wonderful blog. I learn a lot from you, ...I also bought an E-5 not long a go..

    Here is a photo from a dutch scene

    I took this a few days a go.

    Greetings from Amsterdam.


  2. Hello Rick !!
    It is so great to hear from you. Wow, you have got yourself an E-5. you must be loving it to bits.
    The photographs of Netherlands are BEAUTIFUL !! You really are making good use of the new E-5. Do share more with the world.

  3. robin! is this your best photo or is this your best photo! i soooooo love how his white hair and beard contrasts with his dark skin!


  4. Hello Marcus,
    Thanks man !! Long time no see, how have you been?

  5. amazing photo! like this a lot. ;)