Shutter Therapy Resumes

It has been rough couple of weeks for me, and busy times only meant lack of shutter therapy sessions. Having some time to breathe again is really something I appreciate so much these days, and the first thing I did was to grab the camera and attack the streets. I felt really guilty not spending enough time out there making photographs happen. The guilt resulted in today's spontaneous street shooting session, yet again at Chow Kit. Man, I think this is probably a single blog/website in the world that has mentioned Chow Kit so many freaking times.

My 50mm F2 Macro, a staple lens for my usual street shooting use is still away from me, and not having the lens really did cripple me to a certain extent. Nevertheless, this allowed me to use back my older lenses such as the 40-150mm F3.5-4.5, a superbly brilliant budget tele-zoom lens which sadly has been discontinued by Olympus. This lens still remains my favourite, the signs of over usage on my copy are obvious.

A Weathered and Torn Nation.

Umbrella Kung Fu.

Young promises.

Scraps in an Abandoned Shop

Portrait of a young and homeless man.

Friendly faces in Chow Kit.

Hot Malaysian Weather.

This man hates reporters !! Good thing I am not one.

Grainy Film Art Filter applied.

Tell me, what is the point of spending so much money to build such tall buildings, yet we fail to feed and save the citizens in our own streets?


  1. That kid photo is gorgeous. The bright highlight on his nose and his hair is nice and sharp.

  2. Thanks Ananda !! I love the highlight surrounding his face too !!

  3. This photo is stunning, amazing in that way that we always see the light from a torn and dilapidated ground; very captivating moment.
    Would vote one of this type of photography as highest ranking.
    Awesome, keep up your great works.

  4. Thanks alger !! You made my day !!

  5. Great pictures, I have long been following your professional activities and I can say that you have developed as a photographer. I like how you have in the last picture turned almost grunge texture effect. Wow!