Much thanks to dear friend Cyril Dason who referred me to Grace Ng, the Host and Assitant Producer of CUBE, an English Talk Show on channel NTV7 focusing on youth, I have just got myself a chance to appear on the show !! The recording session was done earlier this evening, and I was accompanied by two other Sarawakians, Silas and Priscilla. In this particular session the main topic centers on issues of youth from Sarawak, and what we can do to assist in the current development of the new generation youth to earn higher income, and achieve better living status. The discussion branched out a lot further than just that, and I shall not bore you guys with too much details in this entry.

Me with Grace Ng (Host and Assistant Producer of CUBE on NTV7) and Adrian Jalaludin (Co-Host of CUBE).

Before heading off, I managed to grab a few photos. None the the photographs turned out like how I wanted them to be. My mind was not exactly in focus and I was overly exhausted from a long week of heavy work and lack of sleep. I used a single bounce flash off the ceiling. Not my best people shot, I should have put in more effort and energy in making better people shots next time.
This episode of Cube with me appearing for a brief session will be aired on 7th April, 8.00pm.

Silas (lead singer from Evenstarr), Adrian, Grace, Priscilla and Me

It was my first time being recorded for a TV show, and boy was I nervous !! It was indeed a great experience, and both Grace Ng and Adrian Jalaludin were great hosts for the evening. It was fun and exciting, encouraging open discussion, and this was a place where our voices will be heard, nationwide. I truly appreciate this opportunity.

Thanks to both Grace and Adrian for having us on the show.

Sarawakians, lets fight for our future !!


  1. Wow, you're a now celebrity! Hopefully someone will post a video in YouTube or something so we can watch it. Again congratulations buddy!

  2. Its high time for our youths to be heard.. Thanks for helping me grab the chance bro.

    Who knows, ur dreams to move to Kuching will come true!

  3. Hello Eric,
    I am not a celebrity, don't think I will ever be one. Nonetheless, it was a great opportunity to have our voices out there. I am not sure if its on youtube, if it is I will share it on this blog.

    Thanks for the referral mate !! Appreciate it a lot. I sure hope to move back to Kuching one day.

  4. hahaha same dream like me.. to move back Kuching. XD

  5. Jian,
    Lets conquer the world !!