Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Nokia C6-01: Fixed Focusing Camera, Good or Bad?

Side Note: All photographs in this entry were taken with Nokia C6-01.

I had a beer session with the legendary photographer David Chua and a few photo-kakis last Friday night, and many interesting conversations pertaining photography cropped out, with lengthy thought provoking sharing and discussion sessions following up.

One of the topics being brought on the table was the zone-focusing system.

Zone-Focusing (Fixed Focus)

Apparently, for some weird and unexplained reasons, a certain group of photographers started to emulate an old school technique of focusing their lenses, by adjusting the combination of settings to allow a permanent fixed-focus set-up. So much for moving forward, but this group was keen on exploring everything the difficult, old-fashioned and pain-staking manner. The zone focusing allows for a static focus at all times. The setting theoretically allows full depth of field coverage from, say 0.5m to infinity. Simply put, anything that is placed within 0.5m away from the camera to infinity will be in focus.

I was being told how useful this zone-focusing system can be. It takes away the need to worry about focusing in the photography process, and you are left with choice of subject, composition, and attacking your subjects at the decisive moment, which should be easier because you can act faster without the auto-focusing slowing you down. There is no need for auto-focus, or even manual focusing, all you do is set your focusing right before you start shooting, and as you do your photowalk, you just whack you subjects without the slightest thought of focusing. The clear winner is the ability to grab the moment as fast as you can click the shutter button. Sounds all sunny and bright, no?

Perhaps, a little lazy too if you ask me.

There are obvious drawdowns, of course nothing is perfect. To be able to achieve such enormous depth of field, the lens has to be stopped down to F11 or smaller. This undesirably presented two negative consequences: 1) the much, much ridiculously slower shutter speed which will introduce higher chance of blurring/shaking, especially shooting in shady and dark areas and 2) Non-existent bokeh (blurred background).

As I pointed out those disadvantages, I was directly assaulted by David in response by saying “When there's no special effects, no bokeh in your shots, ALL that's left is your subject content.” I do agree with that statement, no doubt, the fixed focusing system does allow you to concentrate on your subject content more, and whether your image works largely depends on your choice of subject content, and how you present it in your photograph.

Selling "Kuih Muih"

Just outside the train station.

Camwhoring through a weird reflecting wall.

Wall Art at Pudu Jail, or whats remained of it now. It is being demolished.

Then I was asked “Why don’t you try the zone-focusing?”

It was probably one of the questions that poked me right into my skin too deep that night, alongside with some other questions like “Why don’t you shoot film, why not give it a try?”

The Underwear Analogy

Oh well, I was going to give an answer which immediately popped out of my mind but I thought it would sound too impolite being said right out of my mouth loud. I think it would appear gentler, and make more sense as I pen them down here.

I see cameras as a necessity, much like an undergarment. There are many types of underwear in the market. Malaysian male in general prefer the mini-briefs, bridging to the borders of bikini briefs. However, discovering boxers and boxer briefs being popular in Australia, where you find them cheap and abundantly in any local stores, I have used boxers and boxer briefs ever since and never looked back. I am very comfortable wearing them, and have no intention of changing them. Should I try other sorts of underwear such as shorties, or trunks, or jockstraps? Or perhaps go a little adventurous and wrap around my waist a Japanese Fundoshi? Just for the fun of it? If you never try, you wont know, right? No, because I love my boxers, and I want to wear them. It is my personal preference, and it is NOT open for discussion.

I can say the same with the choice of using Olympus, and a DSLR system. And my reluctance to pick up Film, or any other systems. I have nothing against them, I just feel more comfortable using what I am using now, and I love them to bits. I see no reason to change, or pick up something new. I use what I have, I use what I love and what I am happy that way.

I am also comfortable shooting with the fast and responsive Autofocus of DSLR, and I need to shoot at F2 and beyond in really challenging situations. I need to do close up shots, and I do HELL a lot of close up/macro shots, even in normal shooting such as streets, food and people, and those cannot accommodate the use of Zone Focusing that only starts from 0.5m or further, to infinity in focus. I generally do not find zone focusing practical at all, for my usual shooting style.

Of course, ultimately, I did not blurt all the above out in my answer as I was presented the question earlier. My answer was slightly different, and more optimistic.

I DID use the zone focusing system.

On my phone, the Nokia C6-01.

funky looking stairs.

Unusual architecture.

Old elevator's lamp.

Old shops.

Looks empty.

Would you colour your windows pink?

Nokia C6-01’s camera on Fixed Focus

Important Note: I am not comparing camera phone with other cameras such as compacts or DSLR. My thoughts on camera phones, stay with camera phones only, and do not apply to other systems. Please do not misread or misunderstand my opinion on my usage of camera phones, which I may NOT practise at all when I shoot with DSLR or compact camera.

You see, many people have gone Hoo-Haa over the absence of Auto-Focus in their new generation Nokia camera phones. Everyone seems to think that this is a bad thing. I would like to argue and differ in opinion. Auto-Focus on camera phones has never been good, especially in low light conditions. In fact, it can be so painfully slow, yet after seconds of focusing, you snap a shot and you found the focusing not to be accurate. There are a few ways to work around this problem: to improve the AF system, well good luck on that since many compact cameras still struggle to focus in low light/difficult situations, or use an alternative in getting rid of the auto-focusing system. Is this a smart move, or an excuse for not improving the Af system? Depends on how you look at it, really. In practical terms, I admit the fixed focusing system is not really a bad thing at all, considering the use on a camera phone.

There are a few reasons why Auto-focus is needed. Firstly, it is important to achieve the accurate focusing to enable the subject to stay within the “focusing zone”, or in photography terms, the depth of field. Miss-focusing, meaning the subject being out of the focusing zone will result in blurry and out of focus image, which happens a lot if your camera autofocusing system is poor. Secondly, in conjunction to the first point, the out of focus point can be used as an advantage in photography, as blurred background or bokeh to make the subject stand out. In practicality when it comes to shooting with a camera phone, the first point was not really relevant in the sense that the auto-focusing on any camera phones have always been poor and slow. About the bokeh, seriously, you are not trying to create bokeh from a camera phone, right?

Having used the Nokia C6-01’s camera more extensively now, I have started to appreciate the fixed focusing more and more. I can grab very quick shots of people, even before they started to look at me, or responded to my action of pointing the camera at them, achieving very natural expression looking outcome. Not needing to Auto-Focus really gives freedom to just think about composition and at what specific moment to release the shutter. Having the camera in my hand being ready to pounce on any photography opportunity at all times, without the slightest worry of the focusing slowing me down was quite a good experience. Fixed focusing was not that bad after all !!

Left Behind.

Street Cobblers.

I wonder what that food is.

Just by the roadside.

I do admit that fixed focusing on the camera phone has its flaws, not being able to go closer than 0.5m away from the camera. I wish Nokia has a built in macro function, that upon activation, allows the camera to go within 10cm to 25cm range in focus or something similar to that. Macro and close up capability is powerful, and should NOT be ignored. This could be the biggest mistake that Nokia ever did, but I bought this phone not for the camera, but for the phone itself. I found the camera to be quite good, with limitations, which I am happy to work around and deal with. Nonetheless, I cannot say the same for the rest of the crowd.

There is a future, and a place for the Fixed Focusing system. It is not as flawed as the crowd perceived it to be, I believe it is a good and powerful system, but it is not perfected, yet. I do find myself enjoying the camera, mainly thanks to the fixed focusing system. Should I have the need to Auto-Focus, being slow and unreliable as any other camera phones, it might have just taken away the joy of using the camera phone altogether !! Those who have discovered the blinding speed of Auto-Focusing system in DSLR cameras should understand the pain I was referring to.

Sunset at Times Square, KL.

You will be seeing more and more photographs coming from this tiny little Nokia phone of mine. I think it produces beautiful images, good colour rendition, fair resolution (which is really good for a camera phone) and with no lag as I press the shutter button, I really cannot complain much.

All images in this entry were taken with the Nokia C6-01, in my casual walk around town a few days ago. When I shoot with a camera phone, yes I do think fixed focus is the way to go.

Have you used your camera phone lately? Do share !!


  1. Hey Robin! I´m very impressed by the shots you squeezed out of that Nokia-Dingsda! The Unique Robin Wong Style!

  2. Thanks Svenreinhold and juansin!!

  3. Nokia used to have built in macro function in their phones like my old Nokia N95. I guess they have decided to not put that in to the current and new ones. But I think they should have it in higher end phones like N8 or something. I could be wrong though.

  4. chong,
    yeah it would be really awesome to have the macro function included. I could really male more use of the phone camera.

  5. You've raised some interesting points here. Enjoyed the in-depth analysis through and through, Robin!

    The shots were amazing as usual. Goes without saying. Surprised me knowing that it came from the C6-01. :D

  6. Hello robin.. amazing shots! :)
    i have c6-01 too.. wanna ask. in the camera setting, what is sharpness for? how to use it?

  7. Hey Robin,
    I like the one of the two Indian women outside the train station. I've been shooting with my Samsung GalaxyS as well, for a while now. I just made a blog entry

    Heh: To zone focus conveniently, you need DOF scales on the lens and it's hard to get those with our modern AF ones.

  8. TheNokiaGallery3/13/2011 01:12:00 PM

    Do check out what u can do with auto focus then

  9. Hello fahrie,
    Thanks !! Sometimes, it is the subject content that matters.

    Hi Anonymous,
    The sharpness setting is just an artificial editing to increase the sharpness after the image is taken. I use the default setting on sharpness. I find the phone camera to "oversharpen" the image a lot, which is a bad thing.

    Hello Ananda,
    I have seen that blog entry of yours !! Impressive what that samsung of yours is capable of !!
    Nah, lets just forget zone focusing, I have mentioned it is impractical when I shoot most of the time.

    The nokia gallery,
    Thanks for sharing. I do not intend to upgrade my phone anytime soon, so I shall stay and make do with the fixed focusing at the moment.

  10. I wasn't sure if the Nokia c6-01 cam was any good....well , now I am sure looking at your lovely pics that they are damn good :D

  11. Robin,

    I am santhosh from india. i love your photographic skills and become fan of you... i follow your blog date to date..also i have planned to buy c6-01 cellphone after saw your c6-01 photographs. can i go for this one?.also i know that it is not suitable for macro...

  12. Hello Santosh,
    Thank so much for your support and compliments, I appreciate it.
    I do think C6-01 has a good csmera, with decent resolution and good colours. However, if you do a lot of close up and macro shots, this may not be very suitable. You will have to shoot 0.5m away. This will hinder you from a lot of uses, such as taking a plate of food served on the table.

  13. Hi robin,

    thanks for your instant reply.. yes, i am not interested in macro shots.

  14. Hey Robin,
    I have an argument between Nokia X6 (Carl Zeiss, autofocus) with Nokia C6-01 (fixed-focus) because of their cameras. These 2 mobiles have similar prices.

    After reading your blog, maybe I choose C6-01. That's a new model with Symbian Sym^3

    Thank you very much!

    P/S: Would you please show me tips for taking photos by mobile camera?


  15. no you leir these are not taken by c6_01.you can make fool them who don't have c6 but you cannot make fool me and other c6_01 owner.i have c6_01 it can shot decent picture but these picture are not taken with c6_01.beware guys it is totally faked

  16. no you leir these are not taken by c6_01.you can make fool them who don't have c6 but you cannot make fool me and other c6_01 owner.i have c6_01 it can shot decent picture but these picture are not taken with c6_01.beware guys it is totally fake

  17. gr8 work.....

  18. I wasn't sure if the Nokia c6-01 cam was any good....well , now I am sure looking at your lovely pics that they are damn good :D ..will surely buy it..thankx :)

  19. The resolution makes a difference, these are not taken with the C6 01.
    The first set of landscape resolution r differ form the the 3rd set of landscape images........

  20. For those of you who doubt about the authenticity of the images, the metadata (EXIF) if the image is left intact. You may send the image to Nokia directly for verification purposes. I have nothing to hide. Those are REAL images.
    However, I did mention I have POST PROCESSED the photographs. They have been edited. They are not straight out of the camera phone, hence they may look different.
    I am a photographer, it is a crime for myself, and against the community to lie about which camera I am using to take my photographs.

    Anonymous who dared to accuse me of such claims, please state your own name and email address, or else, your accusation are pointless and cowardly.

  21. i think you are awesome just like your nokia c6-01. :)

  22. hey...tell me all these images above are taken from nokia c6 01's camera?
    I think these are wonderfull

  23. I am now thinking of buying this phone because of your photograph..at first i am confuse of getting this phones knowing that it has fixed focus camera..thanks for the photos youve share

  24. if not taken steadily, fixed focus cameras tends to produce shaky pictures !!!! im using the c6-01 too.....

  25. Hey i'm using C6-01 and i wanna say to those who doubt its pic quality, either u have a china phone named c6 or u dont know how to use it at all.

  26. Hey man! try uploading some pics of documents or newspaper articles with your fix focus camera and you'll know what auto focus can acheive....!!

  27. Real photographers dont take pictures of documents and newspaper articles.

    If you want text and paper why not use a scanner? Would that not be better?

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