Monday, March 07, 2011

Fisheye Street Sunday

I have had an extremely long and tiring weekend, with a full day wedding to cover, and a few appointments with friends that I hardly find time to breathe at all. The only time I had to myself was Sunday afternoon, and I thought to myself, I MUST move my ass to the streets and make some shutter therapy happen. Failure to do so will result in a very unhappy Robin for the whole next coming week.

I brought out the Olympus E-5, with only one lens, the newly acquired Zuiko 8mm F3.5 Fisheye, and all I wanted to do was just have fun. Furthermore, this casual shooting will allow me to familiarize myself more with this fisheye lens, which is still very alien to me. I started off from Dang Wangi, then slowly headed to Kampung Baru. These two places are the least often places I have visited from the list of my usual street hunting places. However, from the fun factor I somehow stumbled into some really interesting photography opportunities that I have captured some images that have become instant favourites.

This is my favourite photograph, so allow me to elaborate more. This homeless man was having his Sunday afternoon nap in an abandoned building just next to the Dang Wangi LRT station. As I walked into the abandoned shoplot I did not realize there were people residing inside. When I saw him from the doorway, he was snoring loudly, hence I moved in close, but still maintained a comfortable distance away. The fisheye provided me extra wideness to cover the whole room. What shocked me was the look of how tidy the room was !! Seriously, look at how he hanged the cloths, and lay the papers on the floor. Even the slippers were lined up nicely, and the entire room seems very presentable. It begged the question of what happened to this man's life, because from this image, it did seem like he had a decent life before. It pains me to see scenes like this, because I believe no human deserve such isolation and rejection from the society.

Roofless House.

Braving KL streets on two wheels.

Curious kitten.

Portrait of a boy living in a kampung (village) surrounded by the city.

Kampung Baru is a village which is still preserved, though it is positioned in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, just less than a kilometer's away from the KLCC Twin Towers.

More kampung kids.

An overview of Kampung Baru.

I actually do have a lot more photographs but for this session I will just showcased the few as seen above.

Don't worry, I will not go all fisheye on my coming entries. For now, you will see more fisheye photographs than usual, and I must admit I love the lens. I also acknowledge the fact that fisheye is not an everyday lens.

Has anyone shot the streets with fisheye before? Do share your thoughts and experience, I want to hear your stories.


  1. Very nice one of the kids. You must have been a few cm from them.

  2. Love the last photo on the overview of Kpg Baru. From an above sight, indeed they need to change..

  3. Hey ananda,
    Thanks !! I think around 15cm ahahah... but they were comfortable with that.

    Hey cyril,
    Indeed. but people there rejected change, so a bit tough too.

  4. Funny!! The last one is great!! I want a fisheye!!!

  5. Thanks Juansin, fisheye can really create humour in photography. buy buy buy !!

  6. too proficient! is there anything u have not done?! i love all black and white shots especially the roofless one and the homeless sleeping man


  7. Marcus,
    Thanks mate. There are MANY things I have yet to explore. Underwater photography, astro-photography, and something I have always wanted to do, landscape. Of course, theres so much more than that. Photography world is so HUGE !!!

  8. I always like to read your articles, especially about the fish eye!
    The second kids' portrait is really funny!
    The fish eye lens is really great for creative shots with views we cannot see with our eyes! I love the distortions and curves! It's so refreshing to see "normal" things/people just a bit different! I got mine 4 years ago, don't use it so often anymore, but still regularly, even on a pen with adapter.

  9. Hello Miichan,
    Thanks so much for the compliments on my photos and articles, I appreciate them a lot !!
    indeed, fisheye can present something entirely different in perspective, and it is refreshing to be away from the norm once in a while.
    It is great that you still have the fisheye, and wow, I am sure it would be fun using it on a PEN !!