Saturday, February 19, 2011

Chow Kit Frenzy Begins

People who know me know that I have been obsessed with Chow Kit, KL lately. There is something indescribable about the streets in Chow Kit that kept me going back again and again for more shutter therapy sessions. I just cannot seem to get enough of the things to photograph there, and I have always enjoyed my walk every time I was there. People have warned the dangers and risks of being in the unsafe districts of KL, with high crime rates. However, I see things differently. I see great photography opportunities. I see people, I see lives, I see untainted truths, I see preserved genuine Kuala Lumpur, I see a melting pot of various local cultures, I see heartful smiles and I see the soul of the streets.

One week ago, I was accompanied with Fariz and Ujai to Chow Kit. Not getting enough of my Chow Kit dosage, I decided to attack Chow Kit again today, in the early morning together with a great photographer friend, Aaron Chin.

The following are the sets of photographs from last week's walkabout session with Fariz and Ujai.

Circuit failure.

Cross Process Art Filter.

Cat nap.

Baby nap.

An army of street cobblers.

A serve of drink with glee.
Grainy Film Art Filter.

Sleepless on a pedestrian crossing overhead bridge.

Charcoal grilled seafood.

Freshly steamed sweetcorn.

A bench for public use.

Street tailor at work.

Old shops and a lady.

The following shots were taken a few hours ago, a shutter therapy session with Aaron Chin.
Sky was beautiful this morning !!

Fruits vendor

Walking difficulties.

A store of many needs.
Dramatic Tone Art Filter.

Broken, but not useless.

Morning deep ponder.

Counting the packets.

Chuckles. Gosh, love the natural catchlight on the eyes !!

Dramatic Tone Art Filter applied.

Guitar hero.

A man and a vacant stall.

Would you come and sit with me for a while.

Baking under morning sunlight.

Drying cloths, Chow Kit style.
Dramatic Tone Art Filter.

Conversations by the roadside.

Generally, lighting quality on the second session with Aaron Chin was much better, with clear skies and piercing side golden morning light which was very favourable on human shots. Nevertheless, I enjoyed both sessions equally thoroughly.

The weekend has just begun. There are a lot more things to look forward to.

The camera shall click on !!


  1. Ok now I'm proud to say I was there, I was there, oh yes, I was there too.


    The 50mmf2 is very sharp indeed!! Poison~~

    Oh, remember to remind me to shoot the sky sometimes after seeing your sky photo. Never tried to shoot one since Oly is famous for its blue sky color.

  2. Hwy snow,
    thanks mate.
    The 50mm F2 is indeed extremely sharp, it is one of the sharpest lenses ever, out there.
    Sad case is, KL sky is usually ugly, you seldom see blue, clear skies. Nonetheless, when its blue and clear, it does magic to photos !!

  3. Hi Robin,
    Last week i try to do street photography but something not very clear in my mind say 'Do I need permission from the person I wanted to photograph on the street'..
    So any suggestion ?
    Saya tak berani lah..nanti orang Kuching chase me like hell.

  4. hello Awang,
    I have shared how I approach my subjects on the streets in this entry here:

    Please have a read, and if you do have questions feel free to ask. Hope that helps.

  5. Beautiful pics buddy! I am staying quite close to Chow Kit and always pass by that area. But your pics give a different perspective..

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