Sunday, January 30, 2011

Wa Si Kuching Kia

Title Translation (local Hokkien): I am a Kuching lad.

Mum had errands to run spanning entire Sunday morning, and having even just a few hours to myself, I woke up ridiculously early and stormed out of the house with my Olympus E-5, 11-22mm and 50mm to the streets of Kuching. In my previous entry, all I intended to capture was the unbelievably stunning Kuching skies and dramatic scenes of this precious hometown of mine. This morning however, I have a different target in mind. I want to capture the local Kuching folks, as I stunbled upon them on the streets of Kuching on a lazy Sunday morning.

I started to roam the Carpenter Street, Gambir Street, India Street and finally the Main Bazaar along the Kuching Waterfront. It was quite a different experience walking the Kuching street, in comparison to the streets I usually explore in Kuala Lumpur. This is my hometown, where my heart resides, and I have been around those many streets uncountable times since young, knowing many of the shops by heart. Interestingly some of the folks even recognized me !! I felt truly blessed being brought up in such a humble yet lovely city of Kuching. Everywhere, the streets are clean (like, surprisingly clean), and the people are gorgeously friendly. Smiles are more genuine and abundant here and I know very well this is the place that I belong to.

Since I am still currently on my choking/dying laptop, I decided not to perform any post-processing. All photographs were shot in JPEG, and presented here as they were straight out of the camera, save for resizing and watermarking via Picasa. Yes, if you have not known by now, Olympus has the awesomest JPEG engine in the world. Non-arguable.

Kuching CBD view from 9th floor, Medan Pelita. Don't you just love it when the sky is blue?

The Fourth Wheel.
Grainy Film Art Filter.

Old Court house.

Old Court House.
Monotone, Dramatic Tone Art Filter.

Old ShopKeeper.

Squeezing life out of the fish.
Monotone, Pinhole Art Filter.

Dried goods.

Manually peeling one by one.

Dramatic Tone Art Filter.

Two friends and a Sunday Morning.
Monotone, Pinhole Art Filter.

Safe, under the shade.
Grainy Film Art Filter.

Behind semi-closed door.

An old couple waiting for a bus.
Monotone, Pinhole Art Filter.

Saujana, reflected in a puddle of rain water.

Five Foot Way Occupants.
Pinhole Art Filter.

Five Foot Way seller.

A store surrounded by red walls.

A store surrounded by blue walls.

Hip Shot.

Spices of India.

Metal works.

A smile on a wooden bench.

After all that walking, I decided to have breakfast. There was this new Madam Tang's corner at Carpenter Street, and I had the infamous Sarawak Laksa there.

Warning, excruciatingly torturing for Sarawakians who are currently not in Sarawak....


OMG OMG OMG Heaven !!! Sarawak Laksa never tasted any better after being away from Kuching for so long.

I look forward for more delicious Kuching food during my brief stay here over the Chinese New Year holidays, and definitely I also look forward to more shutter therapy sessions.


  1. Wa si Kuching Kia pun.

    Always like Shutter God photos!
    Make me feel like to taste the Laksa XD

  2. Nice. Nice. My fav would be the three guys on the Five Foot Way - but several others have that winning smile

  3. Pek Chek Kia,
    When you returning for CNY? Lets go eat laksa.

    Hey Ananda,
    Thanks !! That one is my favourite too !!

  4. wow robin.. that last picture really really really makes me hungry now! grrr.. haha..

  5. Oyama,
    Fly to Kuching now, I bring you to that place for lunch !!

  6. PCK already back a week before lor..

    i hvn't try Madam Tang's before ler..

  7. Jian,
    lets go have Madam Tang tomorrow morning !!

  8. What's God in Hokkien?

    Robin should change the title to "Wa Si Kuching Shutter God".


  9. That´s Robin again!
    I think you get a bit lazy, Robin... no PP? E5 must be great, much shooting, less Processing. Great series again.
    Check out my new blog-entry of an evening in Nuremberg. It´s in german, but you can see what the great little Samsung Ex-1 can do when you don´t want to carry heavy equipment!

  10. Hey Jason,
    Translation error LOL

    Hey Svenreinhold,
    Thanks for the compliments. I did not do PP because I was not using my usual working PC and LCD monitor. I would not be able to fine tune the white balance and exposure (brightness/contrast) properly based on my current old and dying laptop.
    Once I get back to Kuala Lumpur I will resume my PP style.

  11. Bro, U are a true blue Kuchinginite. When you get to return to Kuching, and work full time here, I bet it will be your happiest day!

  12. Hey Cyril,
    Thanks !! I do hope that will happen sooner than later.