Saturday, January 22, 2011

Olympus Walkabout in KL

It was a glorious morning that a group of Olympus PEN Lovers and Zuiko followers met up at Stadium Merdeka carpark and walked along the streets of Kuala Lumpur for some street shooting. Amongst the notable people present was Ananda Sim, a fellow photographer friend who flew in from Melbourne to KL for holidays, and decided to join in the fun. It was really fantastic meeting you, I do hope we can have another yum cha or dinner maybe.

The whole morning was all about photography, the love for Olympus, sharing and fellowship session amongst Olympus users. It was really great to shy away from wedding assignment which I have had for the past three consecutive weeks and did something less stressful. I had wonderful time meeting so many familiar faces as well as making new friends.

Olympus people are a great, loveable, friendly and fun bunch, no?

5D screams HEEEEELLPPPPP !!!! Now who's your daddy huh?

A Dozen Olympus VS one Canon. Ok ok we love any camera users. Really.

David Chua, the organizer of the event managed to spot a friend of his who used a Canon 5D mk2, and pulled him into the group to join our photo-walk spontaneously. As we settled down for breakfast, that poor dude was victimized and pulverized (well, not literally) by all the zealous Olympus lovers. This was probably one of the rarest sights in history, Olympus outnumbering, and overpowering other camera brands. Not that we are racist and discriminate other brand users, but I do feel a great sense of belonging, and togetherness in this group that share the common love. For once, I can go out shooting in a large group without the sneers and jeers at the usually minority Olympus user.

A wall painted with Sadness.
DRAMATIC TONE Art Filter applied.

Stained glass windows, a rare sight in KL.
DRAMATIC TONE Art Filter applied.

Father's love.

Early morning conversations.

Refuse to wake up.
DRAMATIC TONE Art Filter applied.

Freshly butchered flowers.

Burning incense coil.

A single glimmer.

Standing straight, and tall.

The walk was quite a brief one, and we just roamed around the Petaling Street area for about an hour and half before heading to Pavilion for a final meet up. Throughout the session there were initial production units of E-PL2 and XZ-1 in circulation for try-outs. I only managed to get my hands on the XZ-1…… my goodness, that was one serious compact camera. I fell in love with it instantly !! What was there not to like, the slim, compact and elegantly sleek design, the Zuiko F1.8 lens, the Olympus colors, everything in one tiny, cute camera. I only tried it out briefly, and did not shoot with it, hence I wont be commenting much about the performance and image quality. For more information, do hop over to David’s blog for the reviews on both E-PL2 and XZ-1. More reviews will be updated soon, as I was told by David.

No Stalls allowed.

You Chia Kueh... so yummy !!

Very nice walls !!
DRAMATIC TONE Art Filter applied.

Egg noodles.

Five foot way dwellers.

Road side nap.

Thirst breaker.


David Chua (far left) sharing session.

Chin Ann attacking the XZ-1

It was refreshing to shoot with a large group of people for change. There was so much interaction and so many things to share and learn from each other. For new comers to photography, support groups like these are heaven-sent. David did a wonderful job connecting everyone together, and organized such a beneficial event for all.

Viva La Olympus Lovers !!


  1. AHhh... ur really Olympus all the way bro... SOmehow, I still like Canon for p&S cams.

  2. Hi Cyril,
    I do love all other camera brands !! *cough cough cough
    Really !! *cough cough

  3. You're incredibly quick with posting up photos, Robin! Respect (as I'm only NOW looking at the Thaipusam shots, and not even done with Egypt/Jordan editing yet, hehe :P)

    It's really nice to see a bunch of photo enthusiasts get together & have some fun! You guys certainly did Olympus proud - I was lusting after all the PENs!!!! :P

    Well done & keep up the shooting spirit!

  4. Robin,u make the wall painting pic really really sad..AmyLi

  5. Hello Huey Yoong,
    Thanks so much for the compliments. I always believed that a hot bowl of noodle soup is best served hot. Hence I usually do not delay my posting too long, because I want to write when its still fresh in my mind. Also, my post processing is very minimal, hence I can do it very fast.
    Cant wait to see your photos !!

  6. Amy,
    I was merely capturing the sadness of the painting ahahaha

  7. ...wish there was a group like that around here...maybe I'll start one. :)

    That dramatic tone art filter is aaaaawesome!!! Still saving my pennies for the E5.

    Glad you and your mates had so much fun; that street food looks super yummy. :). ...and it was very hospitable of you to include the rogue Canon user. The UN would be proud. ;). Cheers!

  8. Yerttle,
    Thanks !! It is not really easy finding Olympus users, hence it was great being in the group. Starting one at your place sounds awesome.
    Dramatic Tone art filter may look like a magical one touch effect, but its not for use all the time. In fact, the application is quite limited.
    Yeah, Olympus users are of peace, always !!

  9. Hey Robin,

    Thanks for taking the time to meetup and an awesome experience on a person-meet-person level and a photog-meets-photog level. Some some of my reflections here

  10. Hello Ananda,
    It was a great honor to finally meet you and shoot alongside with you. I wish we could go to more exotic places like Chow Kit and Pudu, but I am sure in the future we will be shooting the streets of KL again.

  11. What?!!!!

    No E-5???

    Oh ya, most are stuck with Jen & John's pro workshop....

  12. Fahrur,
    ahahah the E-5 was used to capture that shot !!

  13. Hi Robin,

    Nice to meet you during the Olympus walkabout.
    From Ronnie Oh